Item shipped but with no tracking?

  1. I won an item about a week and a half ago and the seller sent it out promptly.
    However, I was told that there was no tracking and insurance available so s/he sent it out as it is.

    Is this something I should be worried about? I've bought from the States before and the seller shipped with Express and that took about 5-7 days or so. Is there such a service (either with USPS or any other carrier) that ships to Canada without tracking, insurance, or anything? If it doesn't get to me, when is the earliest that I should file a claim?

  2. Hey, it depends on what it was and which method was used to ship it. USPS First Class In't Mail actually does not provide a tracking number. I think insurance can be purchased for it but it definitely does not have a tracking number... only the customs form label.
  3. Hope you get it soon!
  4. Hope it arrived!!
  5. As I have learned on this forum, tracking and insurance are for the benefit of the seller, not the buyer. From what I gather if the package does not appear and the seller cannot provide tracking, Paypal will rule in favour of the buyer. (But don't worry, I have had tons of stuff delivered without tracking and insurance and nothing has been lost.)
  6. If you ship using USPS First Class International the package cannot be tracked and they cannot give you an estimated delivery time. Not sure about UPS though. Did the auction state how the item would be shipped and via what carrier? If Express took 5-7 days to reach you, I would expect 1.5 weeks via a lower grade shipping method to be normal. I would contact the seller and find out when and how they shipped the item. GL!
  7. Thanks everyone!

    I'm not sure what carrier it was shipped through, but I was told it should arrive in 1 week to a week and a half. If there was no tracking or insurance, would Priority fit this time frame? Either way, I guess I have to wait it out! I hate waiting!! :tdown:

    I'll keep you all posted!
  8. Yea.. that buyer is stupid for not getting tracking of some sort. You can just turn around and claim you never received....
  9. goodluck!
  10. its not ADVISABLE to ship item without any form or confiramtion or tracking number.. as u will be victim of fraud and i have been in the same sitaution..lost both money and item:crybaby: