Item shipped but the buyer never receive, advice please!

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  1. Hi, I sent out a purse to Canada at the end of Feb with USPS and the buyer bought insurance. Tracking shows that the item has arrived at the Foreign delivery Unit on 3/4. The Canada post claimed that they never receive it. I have filed a claim with USPS and was told that it took 2 months for investigation. Buyer filed a dispute with paypal.

    Can anyone please advice what should i do?

    1) Should I send a refund to the buyer now or should i wait till Paypal close the dispute?

    2) What are the chance that I can win the dispute?

    3) Does anyone has experience with USPS about claiming a lost item? Buyer bought the insurance and i have usps receipt with me. when i called to claim the missing item, i was given a confirmation number. What is the next step?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. I would suggest you contact Paypal and ask them how to proceed. It sounds like the bag may be hung up in customs. It may take a while to sort out but with tracking and insurance you should be fine.
  3. Thank you for your advice, northerndancer.
    According to the tracking it seems that the item has been passed the customs and arrived at the delivery unit. However, the item must be lost at the local post office. I am just wondering if I should refund the buyer first since she has paid for the insurance. However, with USPS i believe i need to go through many steps before I receive my money back. That's very frustrating.

    Thank you again for your response.
  4. I don't have any advice for you...but I hope it works out and you get your back quickly!

    May I ask what is the name of the MBMJ bag in your avatar? :tup:
  5. Hi I filed an insurance claim for a package sent overseas . I filed around the beginning of December and still have not heard back about it. I was told it can take 6 months or longer. I would contact paypal and ask what to do.
  6. i sent a parcel to canada once, it never got to the recipient and took 6 months to find its way back to me. never again will i send to canada. hope you get it sorted !
  7. sorry tough luck. You can't refund money yet because what if after you refund the money, and the package got delivered. However, at the end, you will have to refund money because the buyer will file chargeback and paypal will not do anything (trust me, I am in that situation right now). This is a lose lose situation. Just give paypal tracking number and hope that the buyer don't file chargeback. Good luck
  8. Great advice from above. Just wanted to show my support because as a seller you seem to be concerned and that's so rare anymore. Good luck and I hope that it all works out well.
  9. That is what I was thinking! But they already filed a dispute.
  10. Don't refund yet, just send paypal the proof that you shipped the item. Let them handle the situation. Let's hope seller doesn't cahrgeback with their CC company.
  11. That's one of my worst fears as both, buyer and seller. I always insure my packages and get a tracking info even though they don't always guarantee that a package will get to its destination safely. I don't have any advice for you, but I do hope that everything gets resolved soon.
  12. Hope it sorts it self out. Good thing you purchased insurance!
  13. actually, i had a similar problem to that. except, i was the buyer, not the seller. i bought something on ebay and never received it. the seller didnt respond to any of my e-mails so i finally filed a dispute. i escalated it to a claim after the seller kept on ignoring my emails. finally, on the last day for the seller to respond, she responds with a tracking number. thing was, the tracking number said it was delivered to maryland, when actually its supposed to be delivered to california.

    whole point of this is that the paypal status said it was delivered and received and they were checking with the postal carrier. that scared me since i didnt receive it but it probably technically was. i called paypal and talked to them about it. i told them about the tracking number and they looked it up as well. they took care of my claim right then and there.

    you should respond to the dispute, post the tracking number, and call paypal. they'll help you through it. don't refund the money just yet tho! like others said, they could receive it soon enough and you'll be out both money and the item.
  14. Good luck. It seems like it is stuck in customs. You might want to check with them re: what if they find it so it does not get sent to the person anyway after you have refunded their money.
  15. Yes, I think a major issue is I am not sure if USPS can "recall" a package from another country. So, if you refund, and then Canadian Post delivers, and THEN USPS finally closes the claim as delivered they could get both package and money. Now, if it is Paypal that gives them back the money and then the package is delivered you MIGHT be able to file an appeal with proof of delivery. BUT if it is a chargeback I am not sure you can have Paypal recharge the credit card account.

    As others have said, call Paypal with tracking and see how they handle it.