Item Returned nearly 2 WEEKS - Buyer didnt pick it up from PO

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  1. I got up this morning and an Item had been returned, it had spent 2 weeks at the local PO where the guy lives who bought it from me. This buyer is a newbie and asked questions before bidding, I was happy to help him. Then he made an offer but later retracted it and then BIN'd for full price.

    So I then got an e-mail asking when It could be posted and I said I would post it the next day. This item was not cheap and I sent it signed for.
    Ive been wondering if he liked it because he didnt leave feeback and didnt send me any messages. Anyway today (nearly 2 weeks after me sending it) the item is at my house because the seller didnt pick it up from his PO.

    What should I do ??

    Thanks !! :flowers:
  2. I'd send an email to the buyer (or even phone call) explaining what happened. If they still want the item, they should pay for shipping costs again...
  3. thanks !!, I just think the buyer doesnt know much about eBay, hes not contacted me at all throught the whole transaction

    OMG I posted this in the LV sections, I meant to post in eBay. Sorry !! this shows I spend too much time in the LV section LOL :p
  4. lol :p I'm sure it's not a problem! Just send an email or call to be sure that they still want the item and explain to them that it's been sitting at the post office for 2 weeks waiting to be picked up and finally got returned to you :smile:
  5. Definately try to contact the buyer. I know my postal folks aren't the greatest and they often don't leave me notices even when they claim to do so as documented in the online tracking. He may not have even known that the package was waiting for him.
  6. Hi everyone, I e-mailed him today and he hasnt e-mailed me back, I also sent him a tracking number so he can see for himself.

    This is like the 3rd time Ive heard of this happening this week, (its also happened to friends) that items have been sent back. It just seems like buyers cant be bothered picking the item up from the PO.
  7. That is so weird! When I get something (whether it be online or eBay) I literally STALK the carrier, UPS, DHL, FedEx, USPS..... I'm so excited I can't wait for the package to arrive! I can't imagine letting something sit at the PO for 2 weeks!
  8. Im EXACTLY the same, I hesitate to go into college on that day incase the package comes LOL. And you would think something not too cheap would be first Priority. Its really annoying and I dont see why I should pay out postage for someone who cant be bothered to pick THEIR package up. :smile:
  9. i did once have something sent back because the slip came the DAY i was going away for 6 weeks (i'd ordered the item three weeks previously so it's not like it was unreasonable to expect it to arrive before) and i asked for it to be held until i returned. they agreed and when i went to pick it up i found that the person on the phone hadn't bothered to write anything on the package to indicate that it should be held and it was sent back anyway :rolleyes: i'm STILL trying to figure out what happened, because the seller won't reply to any of my e-mails :cursing: and it's waaaay beyond the 45 day paypal period (obviously, since it should have sat at the sorting office for that long).

    this obviously doesn't seem to be what happened with your buyer though, as ****eous as the post is. i'd try to get their phone number and call them if they won't reply to your e-mails.
  10. I sold something that sat at the buyer's PO for 3 months!!! Finally it was returned to me. I emailed the buyer a dozen times to ask her to pick it up. Once, she answered and said she was busy. It sat there for 5 more weeks and she never picked it up. I emailed her when I got it back and never heard from her again!!!
  11. I sold something and it got returned to me due to the fowarding address had expired. I sent tons of emails and documented them all. I put in a dispute with ebay just to be careful despite that the sale had gone well. I then had to wait 90 days before the item would then be mine again. The guy literally contacted me on the 89th day to request the item and to have it FedEx'd to him. So I charged him for the new shipping and it all worked out.
  12. All of this is so strange! So does that mean that the buyer is paying and then just not picking up the items at all?! That is so bizarre! Are they then asking for refunds?