Item received differs from the one i bidded.

  1. Hi all, anyone encountered this before?

    I receive an item that is not the same as what i have bidded. And the seller is asking me to send back the wrong one and he send me the right one.

    Am i obliged to send the wrong item back and incur the postage myself?

    I think it's not my fault and why should i incur extra cost for the seller's mistake.

    Is there a rule in eBay for buyer to send back wrong item to seller?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. The seller should pay for the shipping since it was their error. Did you tell them you wanted them to cover shipping?
  3. I'd step carefully here. Can you give us more info?
    Don't send anything anywhere until you give us more information.
  4. Oh sorry, let me explain a bit. I bidded for a belt with design A. But the seller send me a belt with Design B. I've informed the seller and he has agreed to send me the correct one. However, he wanted me to send back the wrong item. And didn't want to pay for the shipping of me sending back the wrong item.
  5. You just need to tell him you aren't paying return shipping, if he gives you a hard time file a complaint with paypal.
  6. I have had sellers send me the wrong item a couple of times and sometimes I have arranged a switch with another buyer when items got mixed up. In all cases, the seller has compensated me for the extra shipping costs. That is the fair thing to do.
  7. I have had something like this happen to me before. Seller sent me the wrong Coach bag. I sent the one I received back to her and made sure the postage was printed on the label and she then expressed the correct bag to me and included a cute Coach keychain ~ yes it was authentic-and an H (my initial) which I thought was special along with a $20 bill tucked into the pocket of the bag for the return postage of the first bag. (which was only like $16 something...) I realize I was very fortunate but really that seller should NEVER expect you to be out of pocket for his error...he should refund your shipping fees via a simple transaction in Paypal - to accomodate the hassel at the very least. Good Luck!
  8. I acutally did receive the wrong item once on eBay. I was supposed to receive I think boots but they sent me 4 pairs of baby jordan sneakers.

    They agreed to send me the right item.. but what they did was they sent me the right item FIRST and included an already paid for p ostage for me to tape onto the item I received.

    So DONT send anything first.. they should DEFINITELY send you the right item to you and when it arrives.. it should arrive with the postage or they should reimburse you witha refund...
  9. Me too:noworry:seller paid for shipping and packing to send back
  10. Thanks everyone, i m still communicating with the seller through emails to settle . But now, he's suggesting he send me the right one, but i keep the wrong one, and pay him a sum of money (probably lesser than the original price) for the wrong item.

    But i m not going to accept it as i really do not like the wrong item he sent me and neither do i need two same items with slightly different design. And i dun think i should really pay for his mistake right. :sad:
  11. I have received the wrong item before but the seller sent me postage trough paypal. It's their mistake not yours

    I would ship it back with tracking to be on the safe side
  12. No, if you dont want the item why should you keep it?
  13. Ask him to email you a prepaid postage label. He can also paypal you the amount, or send you the correct item with a prepaid envelope or box enclosed.
  14. What!? He needs to just own up to his mistake and send you the money to return the wrong item. Good luck with him, I hope he's sending out the correct one ASAP.

  15. The seller should pay the shipping otherwise they have sold you an item that is SNAD- significantly not as described and you could file a dispute on paypal. While I don't like to do that, especially if the seller is still communicating with you- it may force them to own up to their mistake and send you the correct item and not charge you postage.