item numbers, please help?

  1. i am making a list of the items that i currently want,
    so that i can look at it when i go to look for something.
    i have found the item numbers for most, but i need help with a few.
    please include picture or description when giving item number. tia.

    Keyfob, Bee and Flower.


    Lanyard, Snowflake. [Sorry, Best Picture I Could Find!]


    Cosmetic Case, White. [Just Bought On eBay, Seller Doesn't Know #]

  2. The snowflake lanyard is 92214.
  3. thanks! :tup:
  4. No prob. It's on my wish list!:tup:
  5. just got one off of eBay today.
    my boyfriend bid on it for me while i was at work. :lol: :love:
  6. anyone else? :shrugs:

  7. bump.
  8. [​IMG]


    ETA: Just realized you have this in your siggie! Sorry! LOL! I'm not sure about the cosmetic case though.