item not yet received...

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  1. I'm hoping someone could give me some advice on this matter. I recently purchased a bag on eBay (April 4th).
    The item has not been received. On April 23, I received an email from the seller saying that the parcel has been sent to the wrong address and was returned to the seller. I used PayPal to pay for the item, the address is the same as eBay. In the email, the seller said that post office made the mistake and would send me the parcel again with tracking number. The seller hasn't give me the new tracking number and 30 days is almost up. I'm wondering if I should believe the seller story about the post office mix up or should I file a complaint with either eBay or Paypal?
    I tried to contact the seller via email to inquire about the new tracking number and the seller has the nerve to say that I wrote her too many emails :cursing:!!! The seller really never reply all my emails. I tried to resolve with the seller before contacting eBay/PayPal.
  2. if it's been this long, and the seller is being uncooperative, i would mos def open a complaint with paypal. let her know you're doing this, as sometimes the mere threat will get a seller to get their act together.

    good luck!
  3. I agree - I am a complete softy but this is way too long and the story contains far too many empty promises for me not to advise that you open a 'non-arrival' dispute with Paypal immediately and probably escalate it to a claim asap. Let us know if you need any further help - there are lots of lovely people on this sub-forum who can advise about the world of disputes and claims.
  4. When you open a dispute, the initial fase is just that and then you can escalate it in a claim (then paypal start an investigation), I think you should just start the dispute, it will have the attention of the seller as their account get blocked.
  5. how could the post office make the mistake? they don't put the address labels on the parcels do they?
  6. Thanks for the advice!
    I'm just really frustrated cuz I tried to be understand and all. If I am to open a non-receive item dispute with PayPal, how would I go about it? Thanks again!
  7. So, should I contact the seller first about the PayPal dispute or contact PayPal for the dispute first?
    Also, I can only dispute it within 30day, right?
    Thank you so much!
  8. Open the dispute w/ Paypal, Paypal will email the seller. Explain to the seller that you need the protection just in case and promise to close it if the bag comes and everything is good, if she email you. And those communications should be posted under the dispute, not w/ personal email.
  9. Sounds like seller moda-da

    sorry couldnt help it!!!!
  10. open a dispute you must protect your interest
    dont let the time limit go now
    good luck
  11. I agree with the above posts. Open a dispute to protect yourself. You can always close it if it shows up.
  12. Thanks for the advice again.
    I checked the seller feedback and asked questions before purchasing. The seller has 100% positive feedback and I thought the seller is reliable cuz all the buyers left the seller a good comment. I will definitely file a dispute with PayPal.
    So, if the item does arrive, I can close the dispute?
    and if doesn't , I wait for PayPal to open investigation?
  13. I would file the claim. Doesn't seem like this seller is being turthful. Besides it's better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your money. If you ened up getting the item then you cancel the dispute, but if you don't file the claim and your item never shows up then you're out of money.
  14. I had a package addressed to me correctly with my name and real address sent from a seller and the PO attempted delivery to someone else in a different zip code altogether. 30 miles away.

    They had even wrote on my box that they left a notice and customer not home, etc. They tried to deliver it FOUR times to the wrong person.

    Did they never look at the name and address ON the box?? It was an international package, it had tons of papers and slips with my name and address on it.
    I was LIVID!

    I called the post office because I could see all that on the tracking info and they had already figured out their mistake by then. What idiots!
  15. I was thinking the same thing Gro! You came to mind when I read this... I was thinking I bet Gro would say this sounds like Paparrazzi girl or whatever her name is.