item not showing up?

  1. I know I've seen this topic before but can't find it. Anyway, I listed an item today about 9 hours ago and its still not coming up in search. I know it said it wouldn't be available right away but 9 hours?
  2. Did you misspell the title? That could be your prob.
  3. If you are a fairly new seller, low feedback, or sell highend items eBay will put a hold on them for several different reasons.

    I once listed a couple Burberry, Armani and Hart Schaffner & Marx suits on and they held the Hart suit for over 15 hrs, and I am a PS.....go figure. There is no method to there madness.

    Another thing to consider is the search engines are TOTALLY screwed up, if you have another eBay account try checking your items from it.
  4. My eBay account is 8 years old and its still taking them 12 hours to list my designer bags. I did, in fact, write to ebay a couple of days ago and asked them why. I haven't heard a reply yet, I'll let you know.
  5. I am a powerseller and if i list Gucci or Dior they take 24hrs to show!
  6. ^-- dang!!!

    My listings take about 12 hours-but I'm not a powerseller- just a yellow star :p
  7. I had some briefcases take more than 24 hrs to show.
  8. Wow! Well, its up now. Took about 12 hours! At least now I know what to expect for next time.
  9. Yep it's normal but it sucks if you are selling high end items and you'd like them to end at a time when most people are home....not the middle of the night. V
  10. If I list through eBay Australia, any branded listing takes exactly 24 hours before it shows up :tdown:
  11. yeah, and isn't it a kick in the shorts that you have to pay for the FULL listing?
  12. Most designer listings take between 12-24 hours to show up. Mine take about 12 hours on the average.
  13. Mine have been taking about 12 hours to show up lately. It does suck that you have to pay for the whole listing duration and get screwed out of 12-24 hours. But, that's "Feebay" for ya!
  14. Glad I found this thread & glad it's not just me. Listed about 5 hrs ago - was starting to panic but now I won't. Although, it's never taken this long for my auctions to post before. I only sell a few times a yr - always purses - go figure:smile:
  15. This bothers me soooo much :cursing:. seriously, you are paying their fees so thay should fu#$ing list them righ away, it took about 10 hours for my wallet to show yesterday. I am not a powerseller either (blue star, more than 125 transactions and 100% positive feedback) but still is not fair.