Item not showing up in search after two revisions. Is it normal?

  1. So my Balenciaga listing showed up after about 12 hours and then I did two little revisions to it... BUT after that it disappeared and not showing up in search anymore! Is this normal as I never knew revisions can cause this? Will it appear again after a few hours or do I have to re-list? :shrugs:

    Thanks for your help... :heart:
  2. I noticed that too though I never checked after revising item. I have noticed that before submitting a new item a statment comes up that it may take a while to come up in searching (by name) I think it should come up again and you shouldn't have to re-lis. There seems to be a lot of little changes with eBay, hasn't there? Good luck on your auction!
  3. I think it's normal with bags since happened to me also- I listed a LV bag- it finally showed up and I noticed something a misspelling-revised the listing and it didn't show up. Mine didn't take another 12 hours to show again maybe 3-4. Now I'm really careful when listing:yes: - this only happens when I list my LV bags- I've also been listing disney pins and clothing(used)- I'm attempting to get our closets organized-:rolleyes: the other items show up in a search right away.
  4. It's normal. It's part of eBay's new policy on high-end merchandise. If you list a high-end item and then make a revision to that item, eBay starts the process all over again as to when it shows up in the listings. In other words, they treat revisions just like they are new listings - taking them forever to show up on eBay.

    Word to the wise: When you list a new item, be SURE it's exactly how you want it BEFORE you hit the submit button.
  5. I seem to always manage to do some typos or misspellings on my listings but I'll be really careful with that next time :idea: I didn't have this problem with revision(s) to my previous listings though even recent ones... I guess I'll wait max 12 hours and see if it does show up again! Thank you :heart:
  6. It definitely happens. I had it happen to me. I did live help and they told me that it just goes through the entire "process" over again. And they couldn't do anything to shortcut it. As a result, my LV listing lost over 12 hours of weekend prime time.
  7. Yes, this happens to me too. I try to get it right the first time because revisions make the auction disappear from general search for a while.
  8. Yes my auction did reappear again after about 10 hours. Thanks all for your inputs! :smile:
  9. This happened to me on mid-range bags. Ebay wrote me and said it can take up to 12 hours for their software to update the searching software so that is can be searched by content of the listings.
  10. Every time you revise, they have to re-catalog your listing and it will disappear from the search engine. Do not revise unless it's detrimental. Also, the more you revise, the more likely you'll be flagged and they'll limit your listings, so when you revise make sure everything is correct.