Item not shipped...Opinions Needed

  1. How long does a seller have before they have to ship out an item?
  2. No that's not unreasonable at all, item was not received. 2 weeks is a more than generous amount of time to wait.
  3. First check their feedback and get some ideas how is this sellers history. If it shows this is always a slow one, wait for a while and leave him a neutral feedback. But if you are not crazy about the item you bid, you may ask for refund anytime before they ship it out. By the way, I don't understand why some sellers are so rude, I can never hold others money and delay like this!
  4. Forgive me if l am incorrect but l was under the impression that a seller should ship within seven days unless has a mutual agreement with the buyer before hand or has it on their auction listings that it will take longer.

    The same goes with payment from a buyer as a seller cannot go through the NPB process until the 8th day