Item not recieved (please advice)

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  1. So, my BF purchased item on Ebay on August 28, paid same day, then was waiting for item to arrive. Three days ago (still did not receive anything) he emailed the Seller, she said that she sent the package 2 weeks ago (she also lives in US, the item was a bit over $200). He replied asking for the tracking number. nothing. He asked me how he can proceed, is it not too soon, if not, then should he only open a dispute or make a charge back on PayPal? I would email her, but at this point IDK should i do it now, or wait or what?

    Thank you very much ladies
  2. If you go to your My Ebay page at the bottom should be purchases. If the seller used Ebay to create a shipping label the tracking will show there. I think if they create a label through Paypal you would still be notified. However if the seller shipped on their own they would have to provide you with the DC# providing they purchased DC. If they didn't they are out of luck.
    How long ago did he request the tracking number? If the seller hasn't replied within 48 hours go ahead and file INR.
  3. He asked for it Wednesday afternoon, she replied saying that by the end of the day she will send the tracking no., but she never replied. The slip was (if it ever was) printed not through paypal
  4. I would go ahead and file. If the seller purchased DC they can upload the number in their response. If they didn't purchase DC they are SOL. It is pretty cut and dried.
  5. Perhaps because most of my purchases are international, I always give lots of time before considering filing a claim. (And I have never had to, things always have shown up eventually.) You have 45 days from the date of purchase.

    Maybe the seller did not use a trackable service but it would be nice if she came back to you stating that.

    I'd give it a bit more time but the length of time would be directly proportional to how communicative the seller is.
  6. I'd follow up with the seller again asking for the tracking number once more. It may be that his initial tracking number request slipped through the cracks.

    If still no response from the seller by the end of the week, then I would open a claim next week.
  7. Your seller should be doing everything she can do to provide a tracking #

    She hasn't... you need to file an INR.. you have given her enough time to

    communicate with you...
  8. ^^This... Plus, it is just the work out phase until you escalate the claim. Usually the work out phase pushes the seller/buyer to respond.
  9. If she didnt bother paying extra for a tracking # then she will lose any and all dispute. So you are in the driver seat.

    Tell her if she doesnt provide a tracking # before so and so you will be filing a dispute. If she has one she will quickly send it to you, if she doesnt, she is dead meat.