Item not received..

  1. I am not sure of the procedure to follow but I bought an LV epi pochette on the 15th of March, the seller marked payment made on the 17th of March. She sent the item a couple of weeks ago and I still have not received it. I fear it is lost in the mail, both her and I have been communicating and she has been to the Post Office and they told her if I didn't receive the item it would finally come back to her. She just sent it ordinary mail and it normally would take 3-4 days max.
    I am not sure what to do next, she is sweet but I paid AU$267 including postage. Does she have to refund the money? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Where was it being mailed from? If outside Australia, it may be held up in customs?
  3. Sometimes ordinary mail can take much longer - hang in there.

    P.S. I was also thinking it may be in customs.
  4. No, it is in Australia Perth to Sydney. A long way but only interstate.
  5. I think you need to ask her for a refund. IMO it was stupid of her to send it ordinary mail anyways, a $260 item? Will she be able to make a compensation claim? Also what's her feedback like on eBay?

    I would ask her for a refund if the item is not there within the next week, or 30 days after item paid for, whichever is first. I hope things work out for you! :smile:
  6. Thanks for your sensible advice. She has a feedback score of 155 and 100%. I don't think she is trying to scam me as she is worried that it hasn't arrived also. I will take your advice and say if it hasn't arrived within 30 days she will have to refund me and then if the bag turns up she will have to re-list.
    I am a bit annoyed she didn't post correctly as she charged enough postage to make sure it got to me and I was wanting to use it for a few occasions and during the time I have been waiting I could have purchased another.
  7. did you pay for insurance? you can file a claim.
  8. If it's from Australia ( domestic ), it shouldn't take too long time. 13 days later will be 1 month pass from your transaction time. I think domestic mail will take maximum 1 week but usually take 3 days.
  9. It is the seller's responsibility to make sure you receive the package. If for any reason you don't get it she has to refund your money. Stupid to send with no way to track the package.
  10. It sounds like you didn't use Paypal for your purchase; if you had, you can file for "item not received" on the Paypal site.

    It IS the responsibility of the seller to get the package to you, though I don't think many sellers (or buyers) know that. Insurance is always a good idea.
  11. I won something from Austrailia. It took a few weeks to get to me. So, it probably IS on its way.
  12. 86LEO, I am also in Australia so it should only take about 3 days. In Australia most transactions are not done through paypal we just do a direct credit into the sellers account. I had never done any paypal transactions until buying from overseas and I am sure a lot of the Aussie's on here would do the same.

  13. Ah! I see. Then yes, something seems wrong!:yes:

    I hope it works out for you!!
  14. Sorry to hear about your problem Suzie. It sounds to me like it's lost. It should not take anywhere near this long. A week max. (Then again, I once paid for express post, and it too 3 weeks for the item to get to me from Sydney! The seller had excellent feedback, so I don't think it was her fault). I too normally pay by bank transfer for Australian purchases, but for things like this I usually ask for paypal. Or I ask for registered post. The seller could file a complaint with AusPost, but you will only get $50 back! You could try filing a complaint with eBay?
  15. Thanks leanbeanee, I will give it a week or so as she is really sweet and communicates every day and then I will file an item not received.