Item not received, payment through paypal, not ebay

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I bought a pair of sunglasses from a seller I found on a forum. Sent him payment through paypal on 9/20. After that, he gave me a tracking number, but it was not a real one. Tried to contact him but got no response. So I opened a paypal claim on 9/27 and he hasn't replied yet.
    Obviously, I'll win the case and get a refund if he doesn't reply by 10/7 (10 days after opening a claim) . But I heard someone told that if there is not any money in the seller's account to deduct, I won't get my money back.
    Is it true??? So what should I do if I have nothing back after winning the case??
    Thanks in advance
  2. Yes, I have heard of Paypal not being able to collect on behalf of the buyer when a seller's account is empty; however, I have also heard of buyers being issued their refunds regardless. Hopefully someone with more knowledge can chime in.

    Did you happen to pay with a CC? Can you file a chargeback?
  3. I believe that PP refunds the buyer, and then if the seller has no funds in their account, PP will submit the amount owed to collections. You would definitely get your refund though.
  4. I know this is true in regards to a chargeback with a CC. I bought a not as described purse on a forum and paid with Visa through paypal. Since I did not trust the seller to refund on her own if I returned the bag, I filed the chargeback and won and her paypal account went into collections since she had no funds. Paypal gave her a window of time to provide information to fight the chargeback and she never replied.
  5. Thanks a lot, guys.

    Did you open a paypal claim before filled the chargeback??
  6. I'm not 100% sure but the last thing I heard was that if the seller does not have $$ in his/her account then you won't get your money back if it is not an ebay transaction. Paypal will try to recover the money though if the seller receives/sends any money via that account though. If paypal doesn't refund you then you can open a cc chargeback- your credit card company will withdraw $$ from paypal, so you'll certainly get your $$ back. Good luck!
  7. I had a similar thing happen - an eBay transaction, item was broken, I filed a SNAD but only got a partial refund because Seller didn't have the money in their PP account. HOWEVER, this was a couple of years ago and I believe that the procedures have been modified since. Since your transaction was not on eBay, I believe that will also make a difference. Can you call PP and ask them or research in the dispute section of their website? Good luck with this!
  8. Well all I can do now is keep my fingers crossed 3 more days. I sent the payment by adding funds from my bank account. So can I file a chargeback with the bank??
  9. I believe they can always deduct the money and the Paypal saldo of the seller just goes negative!!
  10. Ok. Today is 10/8 and this is what paypal told me:
    "We have concluded our investigation into your case and have decided in your

    You have indicated that a partial refund of 0 would be satisfactory.

    If the seller's account has insufficient funds to complete the refund owed
    to you, please be assured that we will take appropriate action against the
    seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account

    This supposes to mean I won't get anything. So hilarious.
  11. In off-eBay transactions, the money PP refunds the buyer hinges on what PP can recover from the seller. This will change on Nov 1, when Buyer Protection is extended to cover transactions outside eBay.
  12. I paid for an item (outside ebay) and paid thru paypal. I paid on 20th September and the seller told me she had sent the item on the 24th Sept. It is sent to Australia from US (thru regular US post and with no tracking number)

    I am still waiting for it to arrive... should i be worried??? Its been more than 10 working days.. =(
  13. I got scammed out $640 while buying a gift card on ebay and the seller didn't responde to the claim so after 10 days I got my money back.

    This is the email paypal sent me :

    Hope that helps.
    But paypal is pretty good at retrieving the money (:
    Good luck :flowers:
  14. Very Upset , I have brought many things off ebay and usually do not have a problem with chinese sellers, I paid 1 seller $1,300 through paypal, but he was clever he made sure the item arrived 48 days after I paid for the rubbish , and I had no paypal claim as I was over the 45 day limit. This is so unfair, I paid from a paypal balance so I cant even claim back thought the bank, So watch out PAYPAL is not as safe as you think !!!!