item not received case advice

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  1. So I won a $700 item early this month, the seller said I'd get a tracking number asap. That didn't happen....I messaged the seller a week later only to be told she's traveling and can't provide it because the number's at home and sorry she forgot to provide it before leaving. It's international so the likelihood of it arriving before her return's low. Well by the time she said she'd come number, no reply to my messages, no item, nothing. I opened an Item Not Received case a couple days ago and still no reply...except I can see she's been on eBay via recent feedback. Is there anything I can do or do I have to wait for the week to end in order to escalate? It really makes me hopping mad to see her ignoring my messages and dispute while buying's like my money/item are being held hostage :bagslap:

    Just using that emoticon makes me feel better because it's so funny.
  2. When you filed the INR, did it say how long the seller has to respond? You have to wait for that to expire, then you can escalate it. Nothing like a good ole bag slap to make you feel better..:giggles:
  3. Yeah until Sept 30 which isn't far away, I'm just whining and annoyed to see her active on eBay when my shoes and money are in limbo. I thought Paypal puts an account's funds on hold or into negative when a dispute is filed, so if she's buying right now she must have the funds already available to satisfy the hold....if that's the case why doesn't she just refund me already or give me the tracking number. SIGH.

    I wish the emoticon came with a shoes version, a stiletto right to the face!
  4. I believe this is the work out phase. eBay wants you two to settle it between yourselves first if you can. If the seller doesn't respond then you escalate and they become involved and try to settle the dispute. Hopefully she will respond soon or she will lose the case for sure. Good luck.
  5. ^agree...
  6. I finally got a reply from her in messages telling me she has "no idea what's going on" with my shoes and will update me as soon as possible. She didn't mention the dispute at all. Sept 30 can't come soon enough.