Item not entirely as described...please help!

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  1. Hi ladies! I won an auction for an LV item on ebay recently (LV vernis cardholder). The seller indicated that it was in "beautiful preowned" condition, except for a smear on the back, which the seller indicated was only noticeable at certain angles, and was more like a slight fade... I requested additional photos of the back with the smear, and the additional photos she uploaded to the auction didn't really show anything so I figured "ok, its good to go"

    Fastfoward to today. Item arrives, I open it up, and immediately notice that the "small smear" on the back is not a small spot, but instead covers most of the entire back of the item...very VERY noticeable. I was even able to photograph it perfectly. (FWIW - It shows up as bright neon orange on an amarante vernis it is very obvious IRL) There is also a tiny spot of the same substance on the front of the item, which wasn't mentioned in the listing.

    Addiitionally the inside leather is all scratched up...the seller photographed the inside and there are NO scratch/scuff marks visible in her photos at all! I was able to take clear pics of the scuff/scratch marks, and they are very visible IRL. Again, not mentioned in the listing!

    What should I do? I feel a bit misled by her photographs from the auction as compared to what I received. I want to contact her to see if she'll offer a return/refund but am not sure how to word it. IMO, I feel that the item I received was not as described.

  2. You should contact your seller & let her know how you feel.

    Just simply point out what is bothering you & ask to return it.

    Give your seller the opportunity to work this out with you.

    Does her listing say she accepts returns? If your seller is not responsive,
    you may have to file a SNAD..

    Since it is late Friday, you may not hear back from your seller until
    after the weekend. Not everyone is on their computers 24/7.

    Ugh, its most unfortunate that you were mislead by the seller description
    & photos....
  3. Her listing says she doesn't accept returns. Not sure if this is going to be a problem....
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    I would just politely explain what you are not happy with & ask your seller
    if you could return it for a refund. Give her the opportunity
    to work with you.

    If your seller is not responsive, then you should consider filing a SNAD.

  5. Could you possibly post the listing as well as your photos? Thanks!
  6. A no return policy does not trump a SNAD. If you feel the item was truly not as described, you should give the seller a chance to accept the return first but if she refuses, you can file a SNAD.

    If you are looking for opinions on whether or not the item is truly not as described you could post a copy of the listing here along with your own photos.
  7. This information would be really helpful to see how misleading the listing might have been.
  8. I just went though this as a buyer and the seller had a no return policy. I spent a ton of time going back and forth with the seller, she agreed to take the bag back and then only said she would only give me 50% of my money back after she got the bag. I finally filed a claim. eBay decided in my favorite.

    It was such a horrible experience, I think I might never buy on eBay again. Seller was totally crazy.
  9. Dont let one bad apple spoil the batch. Make sure you read the feedback and get a feel for the seller. Often so many people don't wanna put a negative comment so they put a positive feedback. You have to read between the lines.