item not as described :(


Mar 5, 2008
I file through ebay now, Im not sure what the difference is between the two, thats just the route I take. Alot of sellers will work with you, so please wait for the sellers response before opening a claim. How long has it been since you first contacted them?


May 13, 2010
OP, What did the seller actually say about the item ie: are they denying all knowledge about the wear on it?? Could it be due to bad packaging and happened in transit to you??
Were there any pics in the ebay advert to that showed damage or not??

Did you pay via paypal with a CC??

I would speak to ebay and file SNAD.

Take photos too.

Good luck and sorry you've had this problem :flowers:


Jul 12, 2010
hi everyone. bought a NWT item from *bay. received it today and its used (discolored and scratched). what's the best thing to do? open a case with ebay or with paypal? thanks in advance!

If the item is grossly mis-represented, as it has been here, then open your case within 24 hours of contacting seller, I'd LOVE to know why this seller won't take a return. I've bought Juicy Couture things that were new with tags...yeah, they were new with tags alright, and worn with the tags on them...reaked of body odor and cigarette smoke, along with gallons of walmart perfume they tried to use to cover up the odor. These from sellers with 1000+ positive feedbacks too...the feedback helps, but really some sellers are never completely trust-worthy.