Item not as described, what should I do?

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  1. I bought a Stella McCartney bag from a sweet ebayer. Unfortunately, when i got the bag, it was too small. The auction stated that it was 15.7 inches across and the bag doesn't even meet 12 inches. So i just contacted the seller on getting a refund. I mean the fact the bag's width is 3.7 inches less than described, that does qualify for item not as described, right???

    Anyhow, even though she's a sweet ebayer, should i file a dispute through paypal too to cover my back? What are all the necessary steps I should do?
  2. Have you asked to return it? Have you discussed a refund?
  3. I would always try to contact the seller directly and see if it can be resolved before opening disputes. So long as you are aware of the time limits for disputes/claims, and give a reasonable period for the seller to respond, I think it is a good idea to try to sort things out between you. Not sure if others will agree, but so far I have usually managed to resolve matters without opening disputes and use that option only when I am being ignored or meet a complete refusal from a seller.
  4. I agree with above, contact the seller first. If you DO agree to return the bag and get a refund, make sure you send the bag back recorded so that you can confirm delivery. Give her a reasonable amount of time to refund you (if it is by Paypal a couple of days is enough).

    Hopefully, everything will work out without having to file a dispute. If not, at least you have the tracking number to provide to them to say you have returned the bag.

    Good luck.
  5. I would say yes. I would be real disappointed with being a big bag gal ~ item not as described to me.

  6. You should try to contact the seller and explain the situation,maybe the person will give you a refund or something.^-^
  7. thank u for the suggestions ladies :heart:... I did contact her, but have not received a response. I emailed her again today letting her know the problem... I told her if I don't hear anything back from her by tomorrow AM, I'm going to file w/ paypal. It is not as described because a difference of 4 inches in a bag is huge. I can't even use it during the day -- its soo small to me. :sad:
  8. UPDATE: the seller is refunding my money or I can just go to her showroom and exchange it for something else. ut oh, I might end up spending more money. lol. thanks for all the input, tPF rocks!