Item not as described. Vs. Item not what I ordered.

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  1. I spent HOURS searching ebay for this Otterbox case double checking pictures sellers ect ect. And today I went to get it and sure enough it is NOT the case I ordered. It is NOT the case in the picture. It is the very case I spent hours looking for to make sure I didnt get. (I think ive made the point)

    Anyway I message the seller saying that its not what I ordered, but before I was aloud to send that I had to look at all the questions asked before, and one of them was "item not as described" if that WAS the case I can PAY to send it back and then get my money back. So a big loss for me. Totally unfair considering.

    HOWEVER. If it is NOT the same as in the pictures, is it a not as described? Its not like the seller said it was perfect then what I got had a scratch on it. It is flat out not what the picture was..

    How should I continue?

    Thanks so much
  2. Definitely contact the seller. Let them know you received the wrong case and that you should not be held responsible for the shipping charges you will incur returning the item. An ethical seller will tell you they will reimburse you. Give it a shot. Obviously this is a mistake on their part.
  3. If they have that sort of language about SNAD in their listings, I'd wager that this is probably common practice for them, and it was not a mistake so much as a "mistake".

    eBay sees both as the same thing. There are some cases where they've refunded return shipping, but for the most part they require that the buyer pay this. As suggested though, it's not going to hurt to ask the seller first.

  4. Agree here.. just ask your seller to refund your shipping as the error
    in description is on their end..
  5. Okay, now I am mad.

    Here is the listing

    There is nothing on that page about returns and such.
    But if you go to ask a question

    You click

    Item I received is not as described: We found 1 answer(s)
    What can I do about an item that is damaged/defective/not as expected/missing parts?
    cyberetronics accepts returns. Items must be returned within: 30 days. Refunds will be given as money back. The buyer pays for return shipping.

    So here is my message with the seller-

    "Hi. I ordered this otter box but the one I received is not the one in the picture. The cut outs are different on the front. What should I do?"

    THEM- "Hello,

    Yes, the picture is the older model and we are no longer carrying this Otterbox has changed the Otterbox cut and made the holes larger for the camera. You can check the Otterbox website, but I do know they should not have anymore either. Let me know if you want to cancel this order if you are OK with the newer model.


  6. My reply

    "This is very unprofessional for a seller on ebay to post a picture of an item and KNOWINGLY send another.

    I would like a full refund including my RETURN shipping. And the 5$ fee that I had to pay to pick this item up to use an american post box."

  7. Agree here 100%.. the seller is very shrewd & manipulative..

    Would insist on return shipping plus your fee

    And I certainly would let ebay know about this listing & what the
    seller has replied with... let's see what they will do for you...
  8. Oh don't you worry. I'm going to be doing all I can. It's a big seller on eBay. They sell hundreds of these. Not just someone selling from their house.

    I'm very mad.

  9. Just be diligent & do what you can....

    Keep us posted
  10. The seller said sorry refunded my money and I am keeping the case.

    As for feedback. I'm torn. I think I will leave no feedback at all. Negative feels wrong since they did the right thing. And positive is out because there was still a problem..
  11. I would leave a positive, you got a great resolution. Now you can resell the case if you want and in that sense get compensated for the hassle.

    This definitely does not warrant a negative or neutral IMO.

  12. Agree here.. since they are such a big seller don't see how not leaving
    feedback would make such a difference..they did refund & you are
    keeping the item.. so they obviously realized their mistake.. that's
    just a portion not the whole picture, IYKWIM

    You could also leave a neutral with some sort of explanation about the
    product.. but that is up to you...
  13. :tup:
  14. Hi.

    Okay. Apparently that isn't an issue anymore they want me to confirm to cancel the transaction. I would say yes because I don't really care if eBay gets their money from the listing. But in the description it says I have or am returning the item for a refund. If I click this can the seller then have a case and make me send it back since I clicked the agreement? Or are those just the terms?

    Thank you all so much for your input it helps me a lot
  15. ^They only want to cancel to get their fees back. I doubt they will change their mind and fight for the case back, especially since it's a large seller like you said. They already said you could just keep it. I also want to add that I probably would have sent it back anyway since I received my money back. But that's just me.