Item not as described-Poshmark

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  1. I sold a pair of nike tempos to a girl on Poshmark for $9. She received them this morning and stated that they were not how they were described. There was absolutely nothing wrong with them, and i showed them pictures and stated that they were a women's XL. Many people had commented asking questions, but this particular buyer did not ask any questions, instead she offered $9 which i accepted. So then after receiving an email stating that she claims they're not as described, I went on her profile and see that she has them for sale stating that they are "brand new" for $15, which pisses me off because if there was something wrong with them why would you turn around and sale them "brand new" for more money? Has anybody had someone do this? How did you handle it?
  2. In what way is she saying they were not as described?
    Poorer condition?
    If you know you were totally honest (and sufficiently full) in your description, I would just politely tell her that and note that you see she currently has them relisted as "new".
    If she then has the temerity to go to PayPal and ask for a refund, you can show them proof that she is reselling them as new (and for more money than she paid!).
    If, on the other hand, you believe you might have misled her (and/or not informed her sufficiently), in your description, then you should instruct her to return them for a full refund.
  3. I'm not exactly sure what she complained about as Poshmark will not say, but i double check all items before hand to make sure there is nothing wrong with them, and there was not a stain, scratch, rip, hole, etc. I wore them very few times and sold them because they were to big on me. I've sold multiple pairs of nike tempos this past week and got five star ratings on everyone of them. I thought maybe she was complaining about the size because there was nothing wrong with them, but i specifically stated that they were womens XL, but she didnt bother to ask questions which most people do. I just have a feeling that shes just lying. I've heard people say that Poshmark will let the seller keep there funds ($6.05) while the buyer keeps the item and gets a refund, which i do not think is fair at all especially if shes lying. I know this has happened to many people on poshmark and they always side with the buyer even if they're scamming people. I told Poshmark about her selling them on her profile, and that if she was so unhappy with those shorts for her to send them back to me and she could keep her money. I'm always forthcoming when posting clothes, and shoes, so im not sure what her goal is by doing this.
  4. No, it would (almost certainly) not be fair, at all, for her to keep the item and receive a refund.

    The only situation in which that might, possibly, be fair is if they were grossly misdescribed/underdescribed, in some way and/or if the return cost would be prohibitively high, compared with the value of the item.

    Or, if they were found to be counterfeit.

    Well, if you described them as "used" and there were no issues to report, it just sounds like she is trying her luck, to me?

    Makes it very hard for us to comment, or for you to know what to do, if Poshmark won't tell you what her exact complaint is, doesn't it?
  5. If you listed them as used & she bought them as such, why is she listing & reselling them as brand new? Isn't that falsifying the description of the item & defrauding potential buyers?