Item not as described? but it IS leather!

  1. Hello all,
    I recently sold a blue Rafe for Target bag. The buyer is now claiming that its not leather and opened an 'item not as described' dispute against me. I clearly stated that it was patent leather, which it is as this stock picture from proves it, also I had pics of the bag up on the auction. So i don't know why she would think its not leather?? What am I to do?

  2. isn't there an interior tag detailing the materials?
  3. I don't remember seeing a tag with materials listed on it, just the Rafe for Target brand tag.. =/
    so its PVC, and "patent leather", but not real leather?
    also I never told the buyer it was "real", but that its "patent"
  4. I am sorry, but "patent leather" to me means real leather. The Target ad is misleading and you did copy it. And maybe the buyer should have known based on the price it would not be leather, but IMO you are responsible for not accurately describing the bag.
  5. I've bought two purses that the seller claimed that the purses were real leather and they were pleather. Acck! I wrote and email and told them that I was interested in the bag but not willing to pay that much money for a pleather handbag. They refunded me some of my money bag. I keep the bag and they got partial payment. Settled without a dispute...
  6. Could you contact Target for a clarification?

  7. I hate to say it, but I agree. Nothing personal, and I don't know anyting about this bag, but if it is pvc then that definately is NOT leather! (obviousley)
  8. I would send them a fulll refund- the buyer is right item is not as described- i would be nice about it and appologise in the hoping she does not leave you poor feedback!
  9. Unfortunately... you are in the wrong this time, but I don't think it's entirely your fault. I don't know what is WRONG with that target ad if they said it's patent leather if it's actually PVC (i'm actually quite horrified by that). But the fact is if it is PVC you did sell an item not as described, so you are responsible for refunding her.
  10. Oh thanks everyone for replying! I'm giving her a refund, which I don't have a problem with. It just irks me that all other auctions for the same Rafe bag have it described as Leather or Patent Leather, never as PVC!!
  11. Just tell here to send it back and refund her once you have it. MOST things that look like patent leather are not. They are PVC or vinyl.
  12. I agree as well. To me, patent leather means patent LEATHER, *not* PVC which is not leather at all. And IRL they do not look anything alike, IMO. I have PVC "patent leather" bags from Maxx New York and real patent leather bags from Michael Kors and Louis Vuitton. Real patent leather bags typically cost *AT LEAST* $150 and the leather feels somewhat thick and is often "wrinkly" . Fake patent leather bags go for *a lot* less and the material feels very light and the surface is very smooth and not wrinkly at all (it looks, well, FAKE!).

    In the OP's defense though, you just copied the Target listing, which happened to be flawed (somewhere there should have been a description of the materials, like "Material: 100% PVC" ) . Also, the buyer probably should have realized that there's no way they'd get a bag made of real patent leather for such few $$.