Item never sent??

  1. So that's two weeks of expecting the item, then another week for your your money is tied up for three weeks, all because the seller wanted to re-list and get more money for the item you bought. Gosh, that's a lot of waiting.
  2. I'd neg her and wouldn't think twice about it...
  3. The only way to instantly refund the buyer is if enough money to cover the refund is in the sellers PayPal account. So this seller accepted the best offer got the money and then either transferred the money out to her account or spent it some other way.

    Definitely neg the seller. She accepted your offer she never sent your item. If she had sellers remorse/made a error she should have attempted to cancel the transaction right away not 2 weeks later!

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  4. Sorry, I did not mean "instant", I know what you are saying about the pending activity. I really meant an "immediate refund". Like, the seller should have just provided her with an immediate refund as soon as she decided she was not going to ship her the item and not make her wait. Excuse my poor choice of words! That is what I meant, lol.
  5. Update!
    So, I contacted her and asked her instead of the pending refund if it would be possible to send me a replacement for the items. She refused. Then I asked her if she had any proof of postage and guess what her reply was: She has no proof of postage because as she already told me she is in hospital and she cannot check and find it. At the same time she has more than 100 items listed for sale.

    After that am I completely insane to think that she never bothered to sent me anything? And she should know that she will get a neg for that but apparently she doesn't care. I'm getting so mad over this. I never got the items I paid for, I have to wait for a refund, which may or may not clear and this seller is trying to make me seem like the bad person while she is lying in hospital. I'm so frustrated...

  6. The seller is unprofessional in addition to not be forthcoming with

    information that is so simple to provide... look at this seller at this

    moment.. she is manipulative & deceptive compounded by not telling

    the truth... leave her a neg after you get your refund & just move on..

    sellers like this don't deserve anything more... bad news!

    And sure she will recover from what ever is ailing her??????

    Shippingitis, replacementitis & lyingitis... cures for that, don't think so
  7. Ugh, what a headache. Just forget about HER for right now and wait to see what happens with your refund. Obviously she did not mail your item and is not interested in providing you with the item you purchased. See if the refund goes through and go from there. If it doesn't, file INR. If it does, leave her negative feedback and hope that you never have to deal with this kind of seller again. I know it is extremely annoying to have to deal with a seller like this because it wastes your time and ties up your money, but just try to blow it off. She seems shady and it is almost better that it worked out like this. At least you are waiting for a refund to clear at this point.
  8. Just get your refund & move on...and leave her a negative which she

    has earned big time... in addition to dinging all her stars..
  9. You know I'm not even sure that she cares. Let's face it: a negative doesn't mean anything nowadays. People keep buying from those sellers regardless. She will continue to do business as usual and the next time she doesn't like the price she accepted she will pull the same trick on someone else. But I guess this is how things are...
  10. Sadly, I think this is true. ^^^
  11. Op can you post id so we can all block this pita! If you want pm me her id and I will inquire about one of her items and ask if I pay extra will she ship right away, if she answers yes we know she's not hospitalized and she's full of it, then you won't feel so bad leaving a neg. report her as a non performing seller as well, a few strikes and she'll be sofa king banned from eBay