Item never received

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  1. If I can have some advice ladies

    I bid and won a designer dress and paid via paypal (part cash in my account and the rest on credit card) on 18 September.

    Before I bid the seller was very quick at replying to my e-mails about postage as they put it down as courier and I was assured because when i goggled them it turned out they worked for the designer.

    Since I paid (£8 postage from London to Birmingham!) I have heard nothing. I've sent an e-mail on Saturday and just now asking for an update but again nothing.

    In 431 transcations on Ebay I've been lucky and never had a problem so I am wondering if I should just file a claim via Ebay because 7 days is a while given we're both in the UK

    Any advice?
  2. By courier do you mean delivered in person by someone who doesn't work for the postal service or was it sent normally via the postal service?

    The rules state that the seller must provide online viewable proof of delivery. I would file INR and let the seller respond to Ebay if they won't respond to you.
  3. Hi Poopsie2

    The seller said they would send it register or unregister post depending on what I wanted.

    We agreed on registered mail for peace of mind, which is why they charged me £8.
  4. my DH ordered a printer from the seller with tens of thousands of feedbacks, they didnt ship it out until almost two weeks after he paid, I tried to open a INR 9 days after no response/no shipment/only a tracking that was tagged on for looks with no updates, and ebay won't let me and said its too early to file.....we told the seller we don't want it anymore, and they shipped it anyways just this past weekend. now I'm not sure what kind of feedback to leave. OP you can check to see if their office went on a "holiday" of some sort? b/c thats what the printer guy told me, I don't know, too many weird stuff going on.
  5. Well if they sent it registered there must be some sort of tracking or something. :thinking: I hope it turns up................soon!!!
  6. I would wait until the end of the week and then file an INR...

    Did they give you a tracking number???
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am going to give them until Friday because I sent another e-mail tonight.

    I have no tracking number and even the Ebay information does not show they dispatched it yet. To me this says something is wrong but hopfully it's just a delay as I really want this ISSA dress.
  8. All sorted.

    Turns out they were not in the UK and had an extended business trip half way round the world but they are going to arrange for someone to send it on their behalf.

    Panic over :smile:

    Good to know some good sellers are still out there
  9. They still should have messaged you this information. I wouldn't say they were a "good seller" with that kind of communication. But, i am glad that it worked out for you. I hope you love your dress.