Item never received?

  1. How would you do if you bid a bag and paid through wire transfer, then never received the actual bag?

    The seller offered a tracking number that does not exist.

    How do you get the money back? is it possible?
  2. Ahh. That's why scam buyers love wire transfers and things like Western Union. When you go through those, you basically have no way of getting your money back I'm sorry to say.

    This is just from what I've heard from others, but perhaps someone else has better advice to offer you. :sad:

    Definitely report this fraud seller to eBay!!!
  3. you may wanna check at your local PO? i had the same problem with a buyer thou she paid me via paypal. I gave her a tracking that i printed tru paypal and when she tried to check it online it always says item cannot be tracked, please contact seller. some items are not left at the door when no one is at home per the PO andthey bring it back to the PO and put it in the shelf for 15 days. you may want to go at your local PO and check. Good luck!
  4. wire transfers are no-no's
  5. Ugh yeah after that, I don't know if you WILL get your money back. :sad:
  6. thanks for you guys.

    But I think the seller never posted the bag!

    Does police can get involved in this case?:sad:
  7. I think the first step is to use the eBay dispute process but others have sometimes referred to Internet fraud agencies - I don't know how that works especially as you are in Australia, but it may be worth doing a search unless someone can chime in with the details. You could, I guess, contact the police, but I suspect they work within specified jusrisdictions. I hope eBay can help you though - let us know and good luck.