Item listed as "brand new"; left pos feedback, then found "REFURBISHED" tag!!

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  1. I bought a Botkier bag a week or so ago ($330 - with retail being about $520) which was listed as "brand new"... received it quickly, which was great. The first issue I noticed was that it didn't come with the correct dust bag, but I checked the listing and it didn't mention whether it did or did not come with one, so it was my mistake for not asking. I checked the outside of the bag for any problems, everything looked good, so I put the bag away in the closet. A day or so later I realized I didn't leave the seller feedback, so I went ahead and did so. Yesterday, I used the bag for the first time, and unzipped the front pocket... and that's when I noticed a little refurbished sticker, and the price that the seller obviously paid for the bag - $99!! :cursing:

    Am I pretty much screwed now? Or is there a way to edit (or add to) the feedback I left? I still like the bag, but finding that sticker really depressed me... and I'm afraid to peel it off (maybe there's a hole underneath??).

    I feel like the seller should be punished in some way... and I also feel like an IDIOT for not thoroughly checking the bag before I left feedback!! :crybaby:
  2. OK - So you indicated there was nothing wrong with the bag - therefore you left positive feedback... So are you just upset at this point to find that the seller made $$ on the bag or is there really a problem with it? I have purchased bags from NR that are brand new with tags attached but were marked as a refurb do to being a return... Is there something wrong with it?? If not I think it will be hard to pursue a dispute... JMHO :shrugs:
  3. My real problem is the fact the seller advertised it as "brand new" - and if it's refurbished, that's obviously a lie, right? Wouldn't refurbished mean that it was broken, and that something was fixed? My worry is that whatever was fixed won't be fixed for long... like the handle will start to break, or maybe there's some defect I'm just not seeing.

    The deceit really ticks me off. :s
  4. I know what you mean :yes:

    I got a MJ Kid in Plum that was a return with a stud in it... It was perfect - was just a late return by someone... I think it can go either way-return or rehab KWIM? I resold my Kid but indicated that it has a stud in it due to the return... I do see how that could miff someone if the refurb sticker was not disclosed - but MAYBE the seller might not have even been aware of it. :shrugs: Just trying to give the benfit of the doubt --- maybe write her and ask if she knows about any work being done on the bag or where she got it... I know in my case the stud did not mean rehab just returned out of season... It never hurts to ask - just see what additional info she can provide and maybe in a tactful manner encourage her in the future to disclose that a bag contains a refurb sticker...
  5. You're right. I should give her the benefit of the doubt. I'll definitely e-mail her and ask!
  6. If she knew and didn't think it was a big deal to "overlook" it ~ she will know based on your contact the detail really needs to be disclosed ~ as it is important to some ~ no matter the current condition of the bag. If she didn't know maybe she will go over her bags better before listing and include it as well... KWIM?? Since you seem to be content with the bag I would just approach it as you are asking for more detail and tying to help her as a seller realize that although she didn't see it as a big deal - to others it is...

    Wear it well!! ;)
  7. It sounds like the real problem is that she only paid $99 for it right?
    Personally I don't like buying refurbished items, there is no guarantee that it was just a return, it could have had a genuine problem that needed repair. I know from my own experience that once you get that first problem, more just spring on up. And when you bought it on Ebay - who are you going to get to fix it?
    I think you should file SNAD, it's not new and therefore is not as described. Maybe she'll agree to a partial refund and you'll win both ways.
  8. Weird. The seller never said the bag was new in the listing. In fact there is a description and photos of the blemishes on the used bag.

    Buyers remorse?
  9. shoppergrl

    i don't know what's up w/ this seller advertising , brand new , and yet it was used:cursing:
    i'm in the same boat w/ you right now, 2 in one week got thsi item w/ brand new description and when i got it , it was not a brand new or gently used as what sh describe. s onow it was a hassle gonig back to post office to return it.:hysteric::hysteric:

    i tell yor selelrs are so frustrating!!!
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    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    You're concerned, so the first step is to contact seller and, politely, tell her about the sticker and ask for info regarding the history of the bag. IMO, there's no need to freak out--at least not yet! :upsidedown: You have doubts, so just try to get some information first and then take it from there.
  11. I have to say, I would not be to concernend. If you love the bag and it looks great, who really cares? Be happy with your purchase and rock the bag!
  12. Yea, but what are the odds of same ID purchasing a Botkier bag around the
    same time...:thinking:
  13. I can understnad your frustration. I would not be at all happy if the item was advertised as brand new but was not. I am not really sure what you can do since you left feedback, but hopefully the seller will answer your email.