Item is SNAD, help?thanks

Jul 14, 2007
I just recently bought a camera lenses with external flash. The lenses work fine but external flash does not work. So i have been writing back and forth with the seller, to ask for partial refund. It's a very nice lenses, so my husband wants to keep it. We took it to Ritz Camera and had it repaired, and i'm just asking seller to reimburse me for the exact cost. Seller refused and said he rather took back the whole thing. This whole package is 10 lbs in weight, and we already paid for the repair. what do you recommend? thanks


Aug 29, 2007
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If you have altered the item you bought (had it repaired), I do believe it's now yours.

Next time, if the seller won't agree to a partial refund because the damage was not disclosed, you just need to send it back to them for a full refund. I realize with a heavy package this can be costly, but this is how it's done. Sorry this happened to you.


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Jun 9, 2009
^^I agree with DD101 and burberryprncess, since you repaired it and the seller won't reimburse you for the cost of repairs, the seller is not responsible after it has been altered.
Jan 18, 2006
You should have filed a SNAD claim thru Ebay when you received the item. The seller would have either given you a partial refund to do the repair (but not likely according to what you have described) or, he would have asked you to return the lens for a full refund. Sellers are not obligated to give partial refunds.

At any rate, you lost all bargaining power when you had the flash repaired. Ebay does not hold sellers accountable once the buyer alters/repairs the item. Enjoy your new lens!