Item in mail for 2 weeks, buyer demands refund

  1. I shipped a t-shirt First Class Mail with delivery confirmation from CA to Florida. It's been almost 2 weeks and tracking information shows it was accepted and processed, but no other info is available. Buyer is getting very angry and demands that I refund him immediately because ' it's out of control' and he is not willing to wait any longer. Do I have to refund and take a loss even though item may still turn up? What are Paypal requirements?
  2. i think you should call the PO to check out, ask to have it return to you, DONT DELIVER IT. AND REFUND UR BUYER

  3. I would absolutely NOT refund the buyer. It shows that you dropped off the item and it has been processed, which means that it is currently in the hands of the USPS. eBay states this: Sellers are not responsible for service transit time. I do understand that it can be very frustrating for the buyer but this is not within your control and 'sh*t" happens and everyone should be more understanding. Give it another week and if the item has not been delivered, then go to the PO that you dropped it off at and have them start a trace. Even for Priority mail the USPS states that it CAN take up to 21 days for delivery. Not usual, but it can happen. And you sent this 1st class which can take even longer.

    Just be nice, but firm with the buyer.
  4. 14 days is not out of control, I would agree wait at least a week.
    I always-always pay for insurance if seller did not include it in the price, because when s-t happenned and it happens too often with usps better to have protection.