Item I sent to Denmark- held at customs- no invoice

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  1. #1 Aug 7, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2008
    Ok so i sent off my Tivoli Gm last week and it is now being held at customsa nd the tracking says because of No Invoice...

    Thing is, I lowered the value to $200 and only insured it that much becuse the buyers requested it (I know stupid!) so she wouldn't have to pay a buttload in fees.

    So what do I need to do?

    I do have an eluxury receipt for a pochette clefs that was $200. Could I make a copy and send that?

    Or does she just need to go there or whatever and confess that it was $1200... and pay the customs fees?

    Approx. how much would that be?

    Could I make a "pretend" paypal invoice for $200 and send it off?


    EDIT: I just made up an invoice through paypal... and sent it to her.. will that work?
  2. You could probably send a "pretend invoice" or the buyer could just print out the eBay page (if it was sold on eBay) and the paypal payment receipt and send it to customs.

    The made up invoice should work if they don't want to see a proof of payment.
  3. Bear in mind that you are breaking the law, for fees that she is responsible for not you.
  4. Don't know about Denmark but here in Croatia, last time invoice was missing I was called to the customs to bring one.

    I brought paypal payment copy and it was fine.

    The thing that surprised me was that the custom officer typed ebay item number into his PC and checked if that was really bought at that price
    . I guess I would be in trouble if I brought "pretend invoice".

    However, I think you as a seller have nothing to worry about.
  5. about 30%
  6. i don't get why you are willing to break the law to begin with, let alone make 'fake' documents to support it. if someone wants to order from another country, they need to do so with the responsibility for fees it takes to get to them. otherwise, don't buy.

    i think lying on the customs form was bad enough, don't proceed any further with faking invoices, etc.
  7. ITA and customs aren't "dumb".
  8. Lee..i agree. Customs in Denmark can easily appraise the bag, they have specialists in each commodity that will be familiar with prices.

    best bet is to be honest, and if seller wants you to lie, just don't sell to them.

  9. Same here. My dad shipped a piece of foam to us from the US from LAY-Z-BOY (didn't cost anything since our chair was still under warranty) and customs wanted an invoice, but we didn't have one...Took us a while to get our stuff since they didn#t want to believe us
  10. You should tell the buyer that you can only print out the real invoice, and then leave it up to her to decide whether or not she is willing to pay customs.
  11. It's because of stuff like that make people not want to deal overseas. I hope you get this resolved.
  12. The seller didn't have to do anything (and still doesn't). The buyer has to proof the value and can do this by showing the auction page and payment receipt. Everything will be fine.
  13. But the thing is she wants to get out of paying sooo much in customs fees...
  14. Could she have anythnig against me if she gets all huffy about having to pay HER countries fees? I have already withdrewn the monies from my paypal account and they are accounted for elsewhere so I have no oney she could take if she filed whatever with paypal.

    I feel like I put myself out on a limb by even marking it down to $200 and only insuring it that much. I don't want to get into this whole mess with them finding out the paypal document was "faked". So I went ahead and canceled the invoice and sent her this email:

    I posted the situation on the ebay thread and they said:

    1. It's illegal to "fake" documents. I shouldn't have lied on the customs form to begin with.
    2. Customs in Denmark can easily appraise the bag, they have specialists in each commodity that will be familiar with prices.
    3. They will probably ask for an ebay item number which they can easily bring up the item and what it was sold for...

    I don't think this is going to work... The whole faking the paypal invoice for $200. I really feel it might be better for you to just pay your countries customs fees and be done with it... It seems we MIGHT both be introube if we tried to get away with a fake illegal document... I am just not comfortable doing the whole fake document thing after thinking about it more.

    So I am going to cancel the invoice thing and II don't know, you'll just have to talk to them and try to convince them it was $200 or go ahead and pay what you have to for your countries fees.

    Let me know. Thanks.

  15. Also, the acution ended for $1190 I marked the value down at $200 on the customs forum because she requested because she said if I put the whole amount she would have to pay a buttload of fees...