Item gone off Elux

  1. Friday I saw a long strap for the denim baggy on Elux and realized I needed it to convert mine to a crossbody bag. So Saturday I go to order it and it's gone. Does this happen a lot?

    I guess I'll call 866 but I wanted to go thru ****** and get that 3% back.
  2. Yes stuff goes on and off alot, espessilly if its new or popular. I have been watching the amarante inclusion bracelet and trunks and bags mini pochette go on and off for the past just check on it every few hours :flowers:
  3. What did it **** out in your post? What was the word that is now convered by astericks?

    This happend with my Speedy 30 Azur... A pain in the butt. LOL
  4. What's up with the asterisks?
  5. Just check eluxury alot.
  6. Be persistent and you'll find one.
  7. Yup, it'll come back. That's pretty permanent on that site, there's rarely a time when it isn't on there.
  8. The asterisks are blanking out the name of an online rebate site. They happened automatically. If you want, I can pm you with the name.

    I'll keep checking Elux but I don't want to wait too long for the strap - summer will be over.