Item Broke After I Sent It? Need Advice.

  1. I had an auction for a pair of shoes I wore 2-3 times. They were in good condition when I sent them and packaged them carefully. The buyer received them and posted positivie feedback. I just received an e-mail the the shoes broke. They were in good condition when I sent them, they seemed to be in good conditionion when they posted feedback. I just feel bad about the situation. How would other sellers respond to this? Thanks!
  2. some questions if you don't mind

    how long was it when she left the postive fb to when she emailed you?
    when did you buy the shoes and how long did you have them b4 you selled them? what is the buyers feb like? When she emailed you did she mention she wore them for a week and then they just broke?
  3. Even though you feel bad, it's not your fault. Sometimes shoes just break, regardless of where you buy them from. If it makes you feel better, offer free shipping for the next item she purchases.
  4. If you, genuinely, only wore these shoes 2 or 3 times (gently) and she only did the same, you should allow her to return them to you and you should return them to the store where they were purchased.

    In the EU, shoes that break after a short time, with 'reasonable wear' are deemed 'not fit for purpose' and you are legally entitled to a full refund and US consumer law is pretty much the same.

    If the shoe is delicate, dressy, and/or an evening style, the amount of wear allowed before it is deemed that they have worn out through excessive wear will be less than that of a more functional day style; as the original 'purpose' of the shoe is that of occasional, gentle, wear (as opposed to day-to-day heavy wear).

    If you actually wore them much more than you stated, then the shoes are SNAD and you should refund her for them, whether or not you can still obtain a refund from the store (which will depend on how long you have owned them and how often and heavily you have [and she has] worn them).

    Do you still have the store receipt, credit card receipt and/or your credit card statement showing the purchase?

    Maybe ask her to send pics of the shoes, showing the damage, but also the soles and shots of the shoes from all angles? That way you can ascertain how much she has worn them since receiving them. If they are in only slightly worse condition overall, you should accept them back and get a refund from the store.
  5. To answer some of the questions that have been asked:

    They are a pair of flip slops that I bought last December from Zappos as they were part of a resort collection and I was afraid they would sell out in my size since only Zappos seemed to get the color I wanted. I live in a colder climate so I didn't get to wear them until July. I wore them 2-3 times just running errands to the grocery store and they don't support my arches enough so I listed them to recoup some of my money back. They were perfect when I sent them apart form a little bit of wear to the sole since they had a leather sole. Since I've had them since December I don't know if the store will allow me to return them but I can ask. I'll also contact the designer and see if they will take them or do free repairs.

    The buyer has had them about about 2 weeks. They don't have much fb (something like 10) but it has been good.
  6. Great news. I contracted Taryn Rose customer service and it is under Zappos. They offered to repair or refund the shoes.

    Thanks for all the advice.
  7. You are a v. nice seller, I would probably feel it was just bad luck for the buyer.

    It is part of the risk buying something on eBay--if it breaks during normal use, you can't take it back, that's why I don't buy electronic gadgets (ipods, phones) on ebay.
  8. wow! that's great! i didn't know that zappos let you return stuff after it had been worn!
    also, what is taryn rose customer service?
  9. I've been meaning to check Taryn Rose shoes (heard great things aobut them). YOu have just given me another reason to check them out, good customer service!

    Glad things worked out!