Item arrived, condition not as decribed.

  1. Hi, posted this in Coach forum but didn't get much responses, so thought I'll try here. :sweatdrop:

    I just purchased a Coach beaded wristlet from eBay and the package reaches me today. I'm so disappointed, some of the beads chipped! :sad: What should I do about it? I'm still new to eBay and had the auction authenticated at tPF. I've contacted the seller and she did say that I can send it back but shipping would cost a lot as I'm not located in US and I'm not sure how much is the refund and whether it worth all the trouble. Isn't it the seller's responsibility to ensure that the item arrive in good condition? Also, is it normal for sellers to charge almost triple of the actual shipping charge?

    Or should I consider keeping the wristlet and bring it to Coach for repair? How much will it cost and do I need a receipt or any proof of purchase?

    Thanks in advance for all info and suggestions!
  2. She should have disclosed the bead issue in her auction. I have a beaded tote up now. I thoroughly checked the beads before I bought it becasue the young ladies here said the beads had issues.

    How was the wristlet packaged when she shipped it to you?

    What was the shipping cost?
  3. It's not normal for the shipping to be 3 times the actual amount, sellers are allowed to charge a reasonable handling fee.

    As for the item not as described, you could file the complaint with Paypal if you paid that way, but I would try and work some money back from your seller first. If she's willing to maybe refund you part of the money, for the chipped beads and the insane shipping then you won't have to file a dispute =)
  4. The photo of the wristlet in her auction is in good condition, none of the beads are chipped or I would not have bidded. It was listed as new with tag(and it does come with Coach factory tags and little care booklet, etc) and she did not mention anything about chipped beads and she said it must have happened during shipping.

    The wristlet is inside the white Coach dustbag(quite thin material) and put inside a USPS Global Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope without any paddings at all.

    She charged me $15 for shipping and handling (without insurance). I saw the sticker on the envelope said $5.25. I'm not sure if there are any additional charges that I am not aware of. If there is none, I would expect better way of packing the item (at least insert some paddings) since she charged me $9+ for handling fees... :sweatdrop: :rolleyes:
  5. she charged you 15 dollars for shipping? Damn! I think you still try talking to her, if not can you file a claim?
  6. What is the normal reasonable handling fee? I have no idea since I'm fairly new to eBay. :shame:

    The thing is, I don't really mind the shipping and handling fees at all if the item arrive in good condition. I just feel like I'm being "cheated" paying handling fees that are almost double the amount of shipping fees and yet, nothing at all was being done in the "handling" part. KWIM?

    Yes, I did pay through paypal. If I really were to file a dispute, will I only manage to get the refund of the item's price, without the shipping and handling fees, then I will have to pay for the shipping to send back the item to the seller? If that's the case, seems like I will only get part of the money back after minus all that. It's so unfair! I'll lose money due to her being irresponsible in packing her item and she lose nothing at all! She'll get back the item and resell it. :push: :sad:

    I did thought of asking for a partial refund for the chipping beads. What would be the reasonable amount to ask? :shrugs:
  7. Well, it's international shipping. I'm not sure what's the usual charge for international shipping. :shrugs:

    I've emailed her as soon as I received the item and she replied immediately that I can send it back to her. I asked her how much will I be refunded and till now she has not replied. Still waiting for her reply. :sweatdrop:
  8. Do you want to keep the bag? If so, take it to Coach to find out how much it will cost to repair. You don't need the receipt. Then I'd file a claim for the amount of the repair. I don't know if you'll get anywhere with the shipping cost. It is sometimes difficult to determine how much international shipping will be, so this could have been an honest mistake.

    Make sure you hold on to the shipping packages as proof that she didn't mail the bag to you in padding, which is why it arrived to you damaged.

    If you don't want to keep the bag, file a not as described complaint to get your seller moving. Again, make sure you mention that the item was not properly packed and mailed. This is the seller's responsibility.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Honestly, I don't know if I want to keep the wristlet. Though the chipping is not too much, it still bugs me coz it's the very first thing that I notice whenever I look at the wristlet. :push: I've called my local Coach boutique and they told me that they will not be able to repair it as it is consider normal wear and tear? :shrugs: I would called another boutique to comfirm this info but unfortunately, this is the only Coach boutique we have around here. :sad: I would not mind keeping it if it is repairable.

    I'm still waiting for the seller's reply.
  10. Run a search on the Coach forum. There was a thread in there about the beads chipping. If I remember right Coach was not wanting to do anything about the wear on the bags. Coach stores will not do returns or exchanges without a receipt.

    I would try to get my money back if she'll let you send it back.
  11. i would file a complaint through paypal and say item not as described. she says it's new, she should have packaged it properly to protect the item from damage during shipping. Did you see any bead remnants inside the envelope? If not, she's lying.
  12. If you want to keep it, I think you should talk to her and get a partial refund. That way, you're paying the actual items worth.
  13. not true, they'll take returns or exchanges with tags and no receipt as long as it's new. also, i posted this in the other thread, they took back my (very) used beaded tote because of the bead damage and gave me store credit. but this may also be because i had a very good relationship with my sa.
  14. Keep it.

    You will never be refunded the cost of shipping it back to her.

    You could ask for a partial refund. I think that would be fair.
  15. I did see one very very tiny piece of the bead remnants inside the envelope. But the chipping isn't just that one tiny part.

    If I file a complain to paypal, will I get refunded for only the cost of the item? Will she be able to accuse that I am the one who damage it after receiving? :sweatdrop: