Item arrived completely smashed. Plese HELP

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  1. I'm having a nightmare week on ebay.

    A week ago I bought a candle holder off ebay. It was made of glass. Needless to say that when it arrived it was smashed, like in thousand little pieces and it was very very poorly packaged. The seller didn't give a damn for my item.

    I contacted the seller and today he stated that he doesn't assume any responsibility for items damaged during transit. So I guess my only option is to open a case with ebay and/or paypal. I haven't done this before and I'm really confused.

    Should I open a SNAD or some other kind of case? What are my chances to win? If ebay tells me to send back the item, how am I even supposed to do that? Ship back a thousand little pieces of glass? I'm not even sure that my post office will accept such a package. And will I have to pay for the return? Do I open a case with ebay, paypal or both? Do I have to take pics of the damaged item? My head spins. Please if someone could help me I would be really grateful. Thanks.
  2. Anyone?
  3. I would definitely open a snad case, because the item you received was not what you paid for. It's the responsibility of the seller to get you the item in one piece and to package your item securely. Good luck and you can only open a dispute with ebay or paypal but not both.
  4. I had something similar happen two weeks ago....poor packaging resulted in item ripping out of a paper envelope within USPS transit and being lost. So all I received from USPS was a ripped envelope (placed within a USPS damage pouch and stamped by my local PO as "rec'd w/o contents"). My seller had the exact same attitude as yours...."your problem now". I asked the TPF'ers for help and was advised to file SNAD with ebay which I did and won! Ebay did request that I send back the item which perplexed me since I only rec'd an envelope. When I called ebay for clarification, I was told to send back exactly what I rec'd. So, I sent back the envelope and USPS damage pouch and within 24 hours of the tracking reflecting that it was rec'd by seller, ebay refunded me through Paypal. I took lots of pics and noted that in my ebay claim but they never asked to see them (and I didn't see a way to attach them to the claim). It was my first claim but it was easy....I just followed the ebay instructions online to file and really wrote a lot of details in my claim including the back/forth with unhelpful seller, waited the 7 days although seller never responded to claim, then escalated claim, sent "item" back when requested (and exactly how)by Ebay, plugged tracking info into ebay system, and then waited for it to be confirmed delivered.

    Like I mentioned, this was my one and only claim so not sure what the differences are between filing ebay vs. paypal but ebay went well for me! My guess is that you will have no problem filing SNAD. Good luck!
  5. This is a very simple case. Put the glass in a cheap tupperware send it back with delivery confirmation and signature confirmation after you have initiated the case through ebay and they tell you to ship it back to the seller. The other ladies are right. It is the responsibility of the seller to get it to you in one piece, so this is a SNAD case. Let us know what happens.
  6. It's the seller's responsibility to make sure the item arrives to you in one piece. Did they purchase insurance? That should cover them. If not, they're out of luck. Open a SNAD case. eBay may not ask you to ship the item back since it's broken glass, wait until you talk to them.
  7. ^^^ The cheap tupperware is a good idea.
  8. Me thinks any clean container with a lid, empty butter tub or the plastic Chinese takeout container. I would not go to any additional expense.
  9. Well yeah, my matching tupperware is all Country Crock brand. :roflmfao:
  10. Ugh, definitely file a snad. It makes me so upset when sellers don't package breakables and then claim no responsibility. My mom bought a couple hundred dollars worth of china several years ago before I was familiar with ebay/paypal policy and it arrived completely broken with just a few pieces of newspaper in the box. The seller said it was her fault for not purchasing insurance. We didn't know anything about filing a claim at the time. I felt horrible for my mother because she was so excited to get the china, one of her first ebay purchases. I wanted to throttle the seller!
  11. The seller was crazy if they didn't purchase insurance on an item that was breakable. I don't care if they packaged it in 100 layers of bubble wrap--if it can break, you buy insurance! I would do what the others are recommending. Open a claim with paypal. Then the next time you have a takeout order, empty container of any sort etc then just use that to put all of the pieces in. And this will be a good lesson learned for the seller and anyone else reading. If it can break---GET INSURANCE!
  12. file an snad! I really don't like his/her attitude
  13. I'm shocked at how many Ebay sellers have no idea what the rules are. Of course it's the sellers' problem. File an Ebay claim and send it back when they tell you to. The seller is either an idiot or hoping that you are one!
  14. Like everyone has said, file a SNAD claim, return the item only when bay tell you to, using sig confirmation. You'll win as you bid on and paid for a non broken item.

    This happens to me a lot. I buy expensive highly breakable, collectibles and you should see how they arrive! Sheesh! Ok, so mr seller, you've got my money now, but could you pleeeeeease not use my item as a bookend/doorstop/car Jack/football and pack it securely and post it promptly? If it's not too much trouble.
  15. Way before ebay and PP stepped in and helped buyers more I had an issue like this:
    I had an item bought/shipped from Canada (nothing against people there, just detailing the trip) and sent to me in the US. Seller indicated they shipped insured, but when item came it was broken (yet no damage to outside of box). She claimed that she would not process a claim with insurance if there was no damage to the outside from shipping (there wasn't, the fault was hers for not packing delicate china/porcelain type items for the long haul). At that point I didn't feel that I would have Bay's or PP's support, so I never filed. Thankfully, and maybe on purpose the items that were broken in the set of 5 that I got were the only items I already HAD a copy of.... so the items that survived are the ones I wanted the most... the other ones would have been backups... and THOSE are the ones that broke. Shipping it all back in the condition it was in would have been a pain and not worth the $ spent to get pack a portion of the $$ spent... but it doesn't always work out that well for everyone!

    OP, good luck with your SNAD claim.