Item appears to be real, but authenticity card fake :s

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  1. I never thought I'd be posting one of these myself :huh:

    I bid on and won a Dior saddle on ebay, but I havent not paid yet. The seller has 99% positive feedback and was nice and even posted additional pictures on the auction for me. BUT, after the auction ended, I was paranoid and wanted to see the cards- I found it fishy and posted it here, and sure enough, I'm not the only one who thinks the cards are fake :s

    My problem is now- I have already won the auction. What do I do? Should I pay up and hope that the bag is as real as it looks? :confused1: Help!
  2. How could the bag be real and the cards fake, it's gotta be all or nothing. You really should have ascertained all of this before you bid
  3. The seller didn't have pictures of the cards on his auction- I only got pics of the cards after the auction ended. All there was were pictures of the bag, which I believed was real. In fact, the bag still looks real to me. The card definitely looks fake to me though.
  4. Does the seller have a return policy if it turns out the bag is a fake? I guess you would also have to decide if you want the authentic (hopefully) bag even if it doesn't have the appropriate cards.

    Proceed with caution. :okay:
  5. Authentic bag/fake tags? :blink: It's usually the other way around. Good luck to you!
  6. Have you mentioned to the seller that the cards are fake?
  7. Check old auctions and make sure that the photos weren't "borrowed" from another listing. This might be a reason why the bag looks real even though the cards (not from the older listing) look fake.
  8. Also, some sellers seem to think that authenticity cards (ANY authenticity cards) lend credibility to the listing. I see it a lot with chloe auctions. Real bags but wrong authenticity cards. I would def. raise this issue with the seller before paying. Good luck!
  9. I love it when a seller lists a Coach bag and says is real because it has the creed patch inside with a serial number! DUH! The patch can be crooked, misprinted, and the bag the ugliest thing you've ever laid eyes on, but with that patch its real! :nogood:
  10. Ive emailed him and he said he'll check with his wife, whose bag it is. No reply yet.
  11. Even if they have a "money back" return policy, just realize that some sellers still won't honor it. I bought from a seller a few years ago who had 99.9% feedback, all looked good and she sent me a fake LV bag. I contacted her immidiately, told her it was a fake and that I wanted my money back. She said okay. I sent it off that day with tracking and everything, she got it and then stopped responding to emails.

    It was only after I had my cousin who is an attorney send her a letter saying that I woudl be bringing legal action against her if she didn't comply. She then sent a cashier check for half of what I'd paid. Anyway, I never got the rest of the money from her. I am always skeptical of sellers and their refund policies.