1. ...For a large black veneta. I have a medium naturale (I have now learned the name of this gorgeous limited edition colour from 3 yrs ago, which is a cross between camel and noce), a large ebano campana, limo chain bag and a classic clutch. I thought only recently that I shouldn't and possibly couldn't buy another woven BV. You may even recall that I very recently got a black leather baby cabas from Chanel. I always thought the black veneta was a bit of a waste as this particular colour doesn't do justice to the beauty of the leather. I popped into the store on Bond Street today to see the collection. I also noticed a lot of black for the fall/winter season at a number of fashion houses, albeit in exotic leather. And now I am convinced that I need a black veneta (large) for fall. I can already imagine myself with a new black coat, this gorgeous shawl I've seen in latte colour with gold ribbon all the way around and my new gooooorgeous honey glitter soupcon rond sunglasses. When is the interacciato craze going to end? I also checked out the new collection and camel is gorgeous too. Black veneta is a classic though and come September, will be my new bag.

    I had retired my ebano campana back in April, following extensive use betw.August 2006 and April 2007. I have now missed it loads and will debut it again tomorrow. Thanks for reading my random thoughts x
  2. Your thoughts are perfectly respectable, e! :yes:

    A black large Veneta is a classic (although I have to agree on the point that other colors show the beautiful features of the intrecciato leather a little bit better than black) and it is always good to know you own an item that won`t ever go out of style, no matter how old it will get and no matter how you combine it, it`s always appropriate and right!

    BTW, I love the outfit you`re imagining, esp. the Soupcon sunglasses that you already got!

    Have fun taking your Campana out for a spin!
  3. yep - I think that is a good choice... I want a veneta but currently cant decide btw noce, ebano (at the moment the fav..) or black (already have a black BV bag)... oups, now I shared my random thoughts..
  4. Go for the ebano if you don't have anything in that colour. It is amazing.
  5. ^ I think you are right. I was so fixed on noce cause I love that colour but it is similar to the ombra BV hobo I have and the tan Celine Boogie - and ebano is probably more forgiving. hm, decisions...
  6. I love the title of this thread because it describes exactly how I feel! I got my limo campana not too long ago, and I'm now "itching" for another intrecciato BV, especially with the new gorgeous fall colors like ferro and carmino.

    I think a black veneta is such a classic and you will never regret buying it. Congrats in advance!
  7. E, I know how you feel. I’m lusting after the new zipped Sloane in Moro... and I just gotten the med Campana in Camel, which I agree is totally gorgeous, and which I thought would be my fall/winter BV purchase and that would be it. Hah, little I know. There is no end to intrecciato BVs, is it ??

    And there’s still the black RG...
  8. Ms Piggy! Must see pics of your new campana in action!
  9. I'm all for black Venetas, especially in large!! :choochoo:
  10. Yes, black veneta is definitely a classic!! My moolahs running low....
  11. You all are killing me! I just got a bonus at work and am going to San Francisco this weekend. I bought my Veneta a month ago with the expectation that this bonus would come through. I really need to remind myself that I already bought my bonus-bag! Now I'm being reminded of all the stuff that I want!
  12. Doubtfulguest, you sound like me--spending my bonus before it's in my hot little hands! And all on BV of course! I'm like you, just bought one bag, already lusting after another one in a yummy fall color.
  13. It's such a bad idea! I've decided that I really need to be a one nice-bag per year person--and only after I've actually gotten the bonus.
  14. We are all alike!!!! I got the Roma in April 2007 as my Dec 2007 Christmas present - LOL!!!! Hopefully by the time Christmas comes, my Hubby would have forgotten all about this deal!
  15. :roflmfao:I do the same thing!!! Except I believe hubby has caught on...