Itching to shop, but nothing is appealing to me right now.

  1. ~~Sigh!!~~

    I am really itching to go shopping, but I have no idea what I want! I have poured through MP and eBay as well as vuitton and nothing is striking my fancy.

    Someone quick take my tempature, I must be sick! :confused1:

    All the thing I am dreamimg of don't exist. I want a ivorie noe (regular size!) or an Ivorie speedy 30.

    What is wrong with me! None of the new releases are appealing to me, not even the little trunks and bags coin purses I thought I would love!
  2. Lol don't feel bad. I haven't seen anything in the store that I want aside from the things I've already gotten.
    I've just been searching for older pieces now, mostly CB and Inclusions.
    Don't worry though, something will come along and strike your fancy!

  3. TWINK!!! I want an ivory noe regular size, or a special order ivory noe regular size with damier azur bottom, :idea: and they won't make it... crazy, huh?:sad:

    I feel your pain...

    Can't decide if I like the little trunks...
  4. i feel the same way.
  5. Twinkle what about the Eugenie clutch it's so adorable! Would complement the Epi Ivorie Petit Noe!
  6. I know, as soon as I saw the ivorie in the lookbook, I scanned the styles available and went poop!
  7. poopity poop poop...
  8. tink, im sure you will find something you fall in LVoe with soon!!! What about some shoes or a few keychains to perk your bags up? ooo a scarf would be nice!
  9. At least you made me laugh! Thanks...I am being frumpity frump frump....
  10. Ohhh, what's that, I haven't seen
  11. all the scarves seem so ho-hum right now....hmmm...
  12. ohhhh, I thought of something, maybe....what is the new damier one, that looks a bit like the wapity? What's that called? Anyone know?
  13. I was kinda looking at the knightsbridge today... not sure if it's an old or new style, but it's kinda wapityish...:smile:
  14. Macao clutch?? :nuts:
  15. Yes, that's cute! That may be a posibility!