Itching to keep this: what do you think of this leather? Anthrawork pics

  1. Hi ladies...I think i am falling for the Anthracite bags....:heart:

    What do you all think of the leather for this one? Is it too wrinkly?

    your help much appreciated as I am still learning about bbags..but i am hooked!
    anthrawork1.JPG anthrawork2.JPG
  2. It's up to you if you like the wrinkles or not.
    I think the colour is great!!!
  3. I love the wrinkles...they make the leather look :drool: I would say it's a keeper!
  4. i love it. the leather look awesome!
  5. Looks great to me. It's the wrinkles that make a bbag, BALENCIAGA. With smooth leather it would be like all those yukky fake bbags you see everywhere.
  6. You should definitely keep it! The leather is GORGEOUS!!!:nuts: :heart:
  7. It's a beautiful bag in a great, practical color! I, personally, like the wrinkle-y look that bag has, so I'd suggest keeping it. Do YOU like it, though? I think that's what's important here, miyake. :yes:
  8. Gorgeous bag. I love the distressed, smooshy leather.
  9. Well, I haven't seen the bag in person. A friend helped me get it and took pics for me. She can still return it if I say nay - by the end of this week.

    I do LOVE the colour! Just my first reaction screamed "wrinkles!" and i haven't seen that many bbags to know if that is good or bad leather...

  10. Keep it! Sounds like you love it and the leather has so much character!
  11. looks so soft and definitely looks like a keeper!
  12. The leather and the color are wonderful. The wrinkles make the bag soft and smooshy. Enjoy!!
  13. love it!
  15. I love distressed looking leather!