itching to buy a new lv piece i kinda want

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  1. a red veris cle:heart: it's so pretty
  2. If you find any will you let me know....They're completely sold out in the US.
  3. hmm I went to and it was there
  4. Do you mean pomme d' amour or rouge?
  5. ooo I can't wait to see that new fall color...amarante (sp)!!
  6. you should get it!!!:p

  7. pomme d' amour
  8. Do you mean the regular cles & not the heart?
  9. I have one and it is really pretty but not the most practical thing around. I also got the multicles in pomme and I like that one more, seems more useful to me.
  10. no not the hear just the regular one it's only like 200 dollars
  11. They're out here. I was hoping to get one yesterday.
  12. Go get one. Its a gorgeous color!
  13. if you have to chance get on then do it.