Itching for something new, Help!


Which one for Sophia?

  1. Monogram Stephen

  2. White Graffiti Keepall

  3. Other?

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  1. Hey you guys!

    I had a thread earlier in December about getting the Stephen. I was dead set on the Monogram Stephen, but something caught my eye again! Haha, I told you guys! It takes me 3 months to finalize a purchase, im such a chicken!

    Well, like I said, Im looking for one last LE LV item before I really do move on to Chanel. I will be back to LV though.

    Here are my new choices:

    Monogram Stephen, such a gorgeous hand-held and shoulderstrap bag. I HARDLY see these anywhere, and its not faked alot, at least not in the Monogram. Its perfect for a LV bag for me, that stands out, and is UNIQUE!

    White Graffiti Keepall 50, I do not have a travel bag yet, so this is a plus. I was going to get the regular Mono one, but I have scored on a White Graffiti Keepall. The vachetta is still so light, and like the Stephen, the Graffiti is unique and I hardly see it out.

    So, we got a purse vs. luggage. And Im having such a hard time choosing, thanks for helping!

  2. STEVEN! Love that bag!
  3. Thanks!
  4. SOPHIAAAA. :biggrin:

    dont leave us!! LOL j/k.

    havent talked with yu in a longgg time :O

    thats a hard choice. I say go for the luggage. I think yu really need a piece of LV luggage. I loveeee my keepall to death and use it whenever i travel!
  5. Stephen!!!! But personally i'd go for the embossed one. In fawn :heart:
  6. ..and i love the graffiti line. its so cool 8)

  7. I'd go with what you were originally itching for .... the Stephen ~ very unique like you said, and I think you'd always want it!
  8. Stephen!!!!!!!!!!!

    You will get more use out of a purse than luggge. :heart:
  9. I'd go with the Stephen since it's quite big and can be used as a travel bag if you need it.
  10. Thanks you guys!
  11. REBECCA! Girl, I miss you! We need to catch up soon!
  12. I still like the Stephen-- I think you'll get more use out of it.
  13. Mono steven! It is such a fab bag :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::!
  14. i love the Stephen; i want an Embossed one! it's big enough as a travel bag and small enough as an everyday bag.
  15. Stephen! It's so gorgeous!!