Itching for my next LV purchase...Eeks!

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  1. I recently took my Azur Speedy 30 out and have fallen head over heels with that bag. It's adorable and such a refreshing feeling staring at it. Now I'm thinking of adding the Mono Speedy 30 to my collection. I know many of you are either hate it or love it with the Mono. I feel like it's a must in one's LV collection, plus looking through the pages of Celebs with Speedys - I just can't help but :drool:. So should I or shouldn't I get it?

    Other bags in mind is the Roxbury in Pomme or Amarante, Epi Jasmin in Black, Neo Speedy, OR Mini Lin Noe.

    Get the Mono Speedy, one of the other listed bags, or wait for newer bags to come out??? :confused1:
  2. Yeah get the mono speedy 30, like you said it's a must in every LV collection. You can't go wrong with the mono speedy.
  3. Since you already have a Speedy, I'd wait to get another and get a Roxbury in Amarante instead. :tup:
  4. I'd go for an Amarante roxbury (or one of the new vernis bags) or the Mini Lin Noe- because a Mono Speedy would be so similar, it wouldn't have quite the "new bag" effect. I'd wait a while before getting another speedy :yes:
  5. i would go for a roxbury or the epi line.. since you have a speedy already :P
  6. I'm in love with Amarante, definitely wait for a bag in Amarante.
  7. Go With The Speedy!! Or The One U Really Want
  8. Get whatever you want most, but of course a mono speedy is available anytime, while some of the other pieces you like will be limited.
  9. i would get the roxbury in vernis since those colors are not permanent. the mono speedy 30 will always be around :smile:
  10. The mono speedy is inescapable....(it'll follow you everywhere in your thoughts!!!!)...... totally. I sold and then re-bought it. Get the mono and then save hard for an Amarante item...... the Rox is a great choice!
  11. Get the jasmin in black!!!
  12. I say every collection has to have a Mono Speedy! On the other hand not sure I would want just two speedys, I have both the Roxbury and Jasmin. Jasmin is a fantastic bag and can be used for everyday.
  13. I'm just as confused as you. If you can go to the shop and try them all on. I love my speedys too.
  14. If you are drooling over the speedy, definitely get it!! I love mine!!
  15. Get the Roxbury! It's such a beautiful, unique bag. Plus, you don't see it as much as the Speedy.
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