Itchin' for some summer color - help me find a bag!

  1. OK, the winter grays must be getting to me (though thank GOODNESS it's snowing so we at least have some WHITE for a change!)

    Anyway, I am not a handbag nut, but I do like a different handbag per season - meaning two seasons! LOL Fall/winter and spring/summer.

    I just have TWO requirements (besides it being a bold color or a fun print). It MUST have two outside pockets big enough to hold a 20 ozs water bottle (or sippy cup) and one other decent size pocket for holding keys or a kid's snack. Still a stay at home mom so bringing water and snack and change of clothes and STILL diapers is a must, but no more diaper bags - no way!

  2. Check out TANO on The SexBomb sounds like it may work for you. It will be available in spring colors soon!! Check it out.
  3. ^^Thanks for the suggestion!^^

    it's a cute bag, but I doubt those pockets would hold a large bottle and if they do, the flap would stick up all funny. I like end pockets that are more open, or held together with a magnet or something when empty.

    The search continues!

  4. Not sure if this would work for you, but the "end pockets held together with magnet when empty" thing instantly made me think of Rebecca Minkoff's matinee. I just got one and I LOVE it! It has about a million other pockets besides the open end ones, and I think it would be a great mommy bag! And there are lots of yummy colors - and probably some new bright ones coming out towards the end of the month. See what you think:


    (Pics to show style only, not necessarily color, though this is the one I have:love:. Pics from
  5. HH Corcovado turnlock tote in Emerald Goat - fun color with lots of pockets
  6. Marc by Marc Jacobs:


    The yellow one actually IS a baby bag, but I think it's cute enough to pass as a regular tote.
  7. Try the Hayden Harnett Nico XX! It has not two but FOUR outside pockets (held together with magnets when) empty. It's a huge bag but looks great even when it has hardly anything in it. It comes in lots of great colors.
  8. Ooo these are seriously cute! I love the orange one! Gasp... I don't want to know the price, right? Ack!!

  9. Hmm... I like it on that model, but it would look horrid on me. I need something longer and with longer straps. I guess I should say I'm chubby!
  10. And I don't know why, but I just don't like the look of HH stuff for the most part and too many pockets confuse me I've come to realize. I can never remember WHERE I put things! LOL But I LOVE all the suggestions, it gives me more things to think about!
  11. $428 at Shopbop and Neiman Marcus!