italy valentino outlets - any good?

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  1. hi all - am going to europe in june and will be in italy, just wondering if i should bother going to the outlets where they have valentino or is all the stuff ugly unwanted items?
    eg im probably after a simple coloured (or a nice purple or something) glam lock or the rockstud tote and maybe a pair of rockstuds.

    whats your experience? do they usually sell these there and if they do are they usually just really weird colour/combos?
  2. I love Valentino outlets, because you can find perfect dresses. I have bought over 10 Valentino dresses in outlet store and quality is as good as the ones from runway. I don't think you will find rockstud heels because they are sold out everywhere (in boutiques), same goes for bags, but overall it is worth trying. Sometimes, you see something for the first time(some unknown Valentino item, whether its bag or shoe) and it is beautiful and worth buying! I usually shop at one near Venice, and they are usually pretty well stocked (other shoes, slgs, some bags, and lot of clothing).
  3. I've never been at an outlet store in italy but the one in Austria and Germany that I know are amazing! So many beautiful things. The one in Austria also sells wedding dresses!
  4. Great to know for future European trips!