Italy in March - Suggestions!

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  1. Just found that there's a good chance of me getting to go on a company trip to Italy at the end of the month for about 10 days! :yahoo:

    I really need to get a headstart on planning my wardrobe, cos I def wanna be looking good and impress my regional colleagues. Seeing that I'm from an all year round tropical country, and have never been to Europe (:crybaby: ), I'm really gonna need all the help I can get. I have ideas, but nothing concrete, so any suggestions from y'all fabulous dressers would def be great!

    I don't know for certain yet, but I'm pretty sure that we won't be required to be dressed formally, prolly more smart casual. I am in fashion industry, so there's some flexibility there.

    Look forward to getting some cool advice from everyone! :yes: TIA!
  2. Italy in March is a little tricky because the weather can be chilly or warm depending on where you are going. I would build your trip wardrobe around a great lightweight wool black pant suit and bring some cashmere crewnecks, shirts and maybe a silky/charmeuse blouse for the eveninge. I would also have a great cashmere/pashmina wrap and a trench coat of somekind as you will most likely hit rain. Also walking shoes for tourity things but, again, I would work it all around black. The Italians are somewhat formal and definitely chic in the cities so dress accordingly and forget the jeans for nights out. A great little black dress should also go with you...think NYC when you are packing if that is helpful at are going to love it. Next to NY, it is my fav place. Great shopping to, esp. in and around Florence and Milan. JCrew might be a good source if you need a suit that is not too expensive...
  3. Very good advice! I could not have said better. I look terrible in black. If that is the case for you, go with darkish gray or navy blue.

    Eddie Bauer - business section - has good items in addition to JCrew. EB runs tight so order one size up.

    fyi - if you like a high-protein breakfast (like me) take protein bars. The Italians are like the French when at the breakfast table: juice+coffee+bread. (Juice is tiny. The glasses are the size of a thimble.) Not enough nutrition for me.

    Enjoy your trip! Italy is wonderful!
  4. Since you're in Singapore, head over to Country Road for their fabulous-ly timeless classics with an edge. I really love their collections. Wear skinny suits, loads of fitted trousers/skirts. Look into dressier tops like kimono tops, pussy bow-a la ysl bow shirts and that sorta thing to pair with wide legged trousers. As for shoes, leather pumps, black patent pumps, ankle boots would do.
  5. absolutely essential: sunglasses, amazing blowdry abilities and high heels (seriously). otherwise agree with nice pant/skirt suit and trenchcoat! I would go for classic colours - black is always good.
  6. oh, and buy shoes while you r there - where in italy are you going? I would buy tods, sergio rossi, zanotti, dolce etc so much better prices!
  7. Prices are really not any better in Italy due to the Euro exchange...there are some great outlets near and outside of Milan though...also, always good to ship your purchases home so you do not get taxed at airport.
  8. Well, this is not wardrobe advice, but I highly recommend you try the marinara pizza, ice cream (gelato), and the nutella croissants.

    Wardrobe: a good pair of sunglasses, a pair of comfortable shoes (as you will probably walk a lot), a nice suit, a light jacket, a few long sleeve sweaters and some warm weather clothes.

    If you go to Rome, try to go to the Spanish Steps shopping area. THey have great designer boutiques like dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and many others. Also, if you can find a good store that sells Italian made shoes that would be great. The Euro is worth more so make sure you exchange before you go to Italy any money.

    Also, because you are a tourists keep your receipts and ask about a tax break while in certain stores if you spend over $100. When you get to your last destinaton at the airport when you plan to leave back to the USA, show your items, your tax form from the store, and your receipts because you usually get money back. Make sure you have the item with you and not in your suitcase in order to get money back at the airport. Also, keep all receipts because in Italy they have the la Guardia di finazia (finance police) to make sure people are not buying goods from off the streets. If you do not have a receipt, you will have to pay a hefty fine.

    Also, make sure you are mindful of your belongings because pick pocketers are no joke. I saw a few people get pick pocketed. If someone bumps into you, 9 times out of 10 something is you had is missing. So be mindful at all times.

    Above all else just have a fun and a safe trip! Enjoy your time and don't do too much work!:smile:
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions!!

    I'll be going to Vicenza, so I'm not sure there's gonna be good shopping there :s

    I'm gonna plan my wardrobe around black for sure, since that's practically all I wear anyway. :p

    How many pairs of shoes should I bring? I'm thinking of bringing my black knee length boots - kitten heels, so I can def walk in them, and another pair of black ballet pumps. Will 2 pairs suffice? Or will I need more? I don't foresee too much walking outdoors, since they'll prolly keep us at work most days anyway.

  10. It may rain so I would get another pair of shoes you don't mind to get in the rain.

    don't know about shopping in Vincenza but my experience is that all Italian cities have at least one great shoe shop (even the small place we go to has one) - just ask your colleagues!

    enjoy yourself - and have a safe trip
  11. Thanks lara! Def am hoping to get at least some shopping done this trip! ;)
  12. Also be mindful that some of the streets are cobblestone in certain areas. So I would bring at least two pairs of comfortable shoes for a casual day out. For work, well make sure you bring some nice heels.