Italian Style Collection

  1. Hello,
    finally I can post pictures of my collection!
    I'm going to start from the very first bags I acquired, a Furla black bag and a Coccinelle small satin pouch
    black furla1.jpg coccinelle small2.jpg
  2. Lovely bags, I hear Furla is a very durable brand.
  3. Sweet collection :heart: thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks! I'm going to add more pics now...
    here is my Coccinelle orange baguette, I only use it in summer, it was a great steal from, only 27.00 €:
    coccinelle bag1.jpg coccinelle bag2.jpg
  5. cute collection!
  6. Nice collection!!!
  7. Here is my white Furla, I had to buy because my BF fell in love with it, and I have to say many men complimented about it, which doesn't happen with my other bags:
    furla white3.jpg furla white4.jpg
  8. Alviero Martini (can you see the typical Martini's map on the material?)
    martini.jpg martini1.jpg
  9. Nice!
  10. This one is my favourite purse, even though I don't carry it a lot because it's very small and I'm afraid to ruin it.
    It's a custom hand made purse, it's made with the images of Vernazza, which is a small town in Cinque Terre (North Italy). I've found this cute bag shop while there, but didn't buy anything. Then a few months later my BF asked me what I wanted for my birthday, and we ordered this treasure:
    custom.jpg custom2.jpg custom3.jpg
  11. This is the only "foreign" bag I have, bought in Carnaby Str., London.
    It's by Jonathan Charles:
  12. I think this is the cheapest bag I have, but I do love to wear it in the summertime, it reminds me of Capri during the 50's! My sister bought it for my birthday this year along with a green straw hat:
  13. Here is Burberry Mini Cinda leather bag in Sienna colour, I finally bought it last October after 2 years' hunt:
    burberry cinda4.jpg
  14. And the last one, a Coccinelle bag I'm currently using as everyday bag.
    that's all folk! (for now:graucho: )
    coccinelle big.jpg
  15. Wow! What a sophisticated collection!!!! Thank you very much for sharing it with us!