Italian price for the Eugenie

  1. This morning i called the customer service to get some info about the new wallet Eugenie.
    The mono in Italy costs 450 euro (610$ according to and the epi 480 euro (650$).
    i asked about the MC version, but the lady told me there isn't any MC version:confused1:
    i told her there's the multicolor Eugenie on LV website, but she continued saying there isn't:cursing: GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! why the customer service is so uneducated???
  2. There is a mc Eugenie wallet!!! The SA at LVshowed me a picture of it on the computer!!! I am dying to buy it!!! It's gorgeous!!!! I'm on the waitlist!!!!
  3. hmmm.. don't mind her... :wtf: maybe she does'nt know anything about it yet... ughh:cursing:
    LV MC Eugenie.jpg
  4. I so want an MC Eugenie Wallet. It is so gorgeous! :girlsigh:

    Are they already out?

    Anybody know the cost of this wallet in $US, too?
  5. On which site did you see the wallet? :smile: so interested !!
  6. It was in the look book for spring, has not been released yet. That is why the 866 number does not know anything about it