Italian leather at TJ Max?


Jun 3, 2007
Just paid $144 for a beautiful, buttery, Caterina Lucchi bag in TJ Max. Looks and feels very high end but.... I never bought there before expecially a name I never heard of. Do you think it will wear well or fall apart? Anyone know anything about this name or TJ's "Italain leather" bags?


Jun 3, 2007
I am going to remove the horn etc that is hanging in the front. It looks well made with 2 zips inside as well as cell phone pocket. The ties on the side and bottom can be pulled to
make the bag "scrunchy".


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Sep 18, 2006
Well, when you hold a bag in your hand, you look at it, examine the stitching and hardware, you should be able to get an idea of whether it will fall apart or not.

I have never heard of that brand before - but I have bought stuff at TJ Maxx before and they do import theses unknown Italian brands from time to time. (They also do this at Winners, the Canadian equivalent to TJ Maxx, which is also where I can find some unusual, one of a kind bags).

Since you did see it in person you should be able to tell whether it would fall apart. Compare it with other bags in your own closet that you considered to be well made, examine the stitching, maybe even tug it a little, put stuff in it and see how it holds up, how are the straps are made, how are the connecting hardwares made, etc - you have all the right to do so and test it out.

Good Luck
Jul 21, 2006
I can recall seeing Toscana and Valentina, Cromia and Madi Pelleteria at our TJM, all of which are Italian leather and so-indicated on the inside tag. These designers might not be so well known, but the leather and craftsmanship on all of these bags are very, very good. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase any of their bags, even though they are not well known here.


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Sep 13, 2006
Our Marshalls (TJMaxx's sister store) often times has u/k Italian leather handbags. Sometimes they look & feel really nice, other times not so much. One thing I notice about a lot of these bags is that even tho the leather may feel very soft, it seems extremely thin - like paper sometimes - and not in a good way (like a Balenciaga or Anna Corina). I like the color of your bag & the handle (I agree that the horn's gotta go!)

Most of the time you can find any one of (or even all of) Michael Kors, Francesca Biasi, Coach, D&B, Hype, and just last week - Kate Spade. In fact, last week I started a thread about the Michael Kors bags I found at Marshalls.