Italian I-Medici Handbags

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Oct 27, 2005
I am new to the site and am letting people know who are interested in beautiful, rare, Italian leather handbags to please check out our site. We are new in the handbag world. We are the only company in the states importing I-Medici and selling them, new straight from the factory. I am trying to spread the word around because I know the best way to bring in new customers is thru word of mouth. I believe our prices are very reasonable for what you are getting when you purchase these handbags compared to other designer companies. Check out our online store (removed) for all the info and different styles and color. If you are interested in buying in bulk let me know. For the next month we are offering free shipping worldwide with shipping insurance as our Grand Opening Discount. Let me know what you think of our store and the handbags.
Very Best,
Jeff Miller
Mazuma Store-Imports
Welcome to the forum Jeff. However, we do not allow drive-by advertizement for newly arrived members on the board. If you choose to regularly contribute, feel free to add a signature with your store link.
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