Italian/French translation help!

  1. Siete stati sempre bei, ma prendete i complimenti per che cosa valgono. muah!

    Can someone translate that for me?

    Thanks :heart:
  2. Hi! It's italian, well, not a good italian but it could be worst!

    "You have always been pretty/handsome/cute, but you have to take the compliments as they worth".
    I put "pretty, handsome, cute" because the word "bei" is not correct. It's clear it means beauty, but it's wrong word. Also "per che cosa valgono" is wrong.

    So, the sentence is not 100% clear but eventually its meaning may sound like: Ok, We (or I?) have always knew and still know that you are beauty BUT remember that you have to take the compliments for what they are". Anyway it's not written by an italian for sure! ;)

    If you need more help just write! :yes:
  3. Bart is pretty rusty in his italian, but he says it basically says "You've always been very beautiful, but you must take complements for what they are"
  4. p.s. it is not a "way to say" nor a proverb.
  5. Sorry if I correct, there is not written "very" but it's easy for me... I am italian and I live in Italy ihihi!! :graucho:
  6. Told ya he was rusty! lol
  7. Not so rusty, in fact he caught the meaning of it!
  8. Oh, thanks gals.

    Haha, I knew it was sort of "bad" italian!

    Haha, thanks for everything!