Italian customs advice

  1. Prior to the closure of the original marketplace, I sold my used calcaire city to another PFer who lives in italy. For customs purposes, the declared value of the bag was $500. Italian customs now wants a copy of the original invoice for the bag. Problem is I bought it from ebay (Leshent) and even if I had a receipt for another balenciaga bag, the value would be over $500. Plus, the bag is in excellent condition so the customs agents might not think its too used.

    I've shipped overseas before declaring full or partial value to other european countries and this has never happened - is italy stricter?

    Any suggestions? Has this ever happened to anyone else? The buyer is being so patient, but this is now killing me!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. OMG, i'm so sorry of what happen to you. but i also heard about this customs being strict there. my friend go to college there and he forgot some of his personal belonging like pillows, favourite pajamas etc. and he had to pay customs around 150USD just for those :sad:
  3. unfortunatelly italian custom is extremly "sensitive" about bags, shoes and so on.
    1.they need an original inovice to have a proof that the bag is ORIGINAL
    2. if you wrote on the declaration USED bag /2.nd hand bag, so you can send them copy of payment for "leshent"..
    well if they wish to see the copy of payment your client payed to you...., than there are some troubles.
    bad girl would copy the payement (in word.dat) and just play around with a numbers....:yucky: :smile:
    but as custom is asking YOU for copy of original receipt - so I am quite sure they try to find out if the bag is real, or replica.
    (Italy has a flood of replica items bought on ebay coming from asia/usa or canada.....and they are very very strict against this business)
  4. I'm the buyer:cry: :cry: :cry:

    I was looking for this bag since ever and i really :heart: it
    I hope that everything goes well and get the bag soon..
  5. wowwww.... i'm amazed. the customs people really do their job there :P

  6. Oh l_b ... I'm so sorry what happened :sad:!! I know about these customs too, I live in Switzerland. But don't worry, you will receive your bag .... probably not as soon as you'd like it ... but you will get it. Be patient, I know it's very hard to wait for a lovely bag ;):yes::love:
  7. I hope so firstclass, today i was happy because i have received a call from my loved boutique saying that the Edith is arrived.. ( i will get i sunday) and now this bad news..
  8. Thanks for the information. I had no idea italy was so strict.

    If a send customs a copy of a receipt from Bal-NY (assuming I can find one) for a city bag, since the cost of the bag will be $1195, and I only declared it as $500 since it was "used" do you think customs will accept that or will they assess more duties?
  9. Could you attach a letter explaining the decrease in value due to the bag's "used" state? Perhaps it will prevent them from assessing more duties.
  10. I found a receipt for a city bag purchased from bal-ny in May 2005 when the city only cost 1150 - hopefully this will work! Thanks for everyone's help. :yes:
  11. @cougess
    just ask I_b for translation IN ITALIAN - and attach both notices - the english and italian to the receipt...

    it could sounds like this:

    Borsa originale "Balenciaga" comprata nel Maggio 2005, nel negozio/distributore Balenciaga, New York.
    Venduta dopo un anno come BORSA USATA/SECONDO MANO per il prezzo di $ 500.

    probably it is not a perfect italian - but it could help.
  12. It is a perfect italian.. Congrats!
    I have just sent an emil to italina customs..
    hope it works..
  13. Good luck, ladies! Hope it works out well in the end.
  14. I worked!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tomorrow i will receive my calcaire : finally!
  15. That's great news l_b, I am so happy for you!