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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have no experience with tipping in the Italy.... the last time I was in Europe, I stayed in a rented villa in France for a month so I did not really have anyone to tip...

    Is leaving 2 or 3 euro, daily, too stingy?


    Editted to add... we are staying at a nicer hotel by the Trevi Fountain in Rome... if that makes a difference.
  2. no way! LOL!
    This time we'll be @ the Excelsior. . I have mixed feelings about that. Last time we stayed at ST. Regis and it was magnificent!
    When are you going Annie? Where are you staying?
  3. ^^^
    Going the weekend after next... Staying at the Dei Borgognoni near the Trevi Fountain! I've heard mostly good things and at any rate, if it's terrible we won't be in the room much anyway!
  4. 2-3 euro is absolutly not stingy, more the opposite.
  5. We don't have the habit of tipping the cleaning staff in a hotel in Italy, so they might even leave the money on the table unless you tip them directly.
  6. so excited for everyone visiting italy! i lived in rome for a semester in college and have visited a few times already this year. if anyone has any questions, i love giving my two cents! as for the itinerary...

    Rome- eat in Trastevere. every night. the restaurants here aren't the fanciest, but this is where roman people actually live and eat. the food is great everywhere in this area and reasonably priced. it is not a touristy part of the city. after dinner, walk around and visit piazza santa maria in trastevere for a gelato. my favorite museum ever is the galleria borghese. beautiful collection of bernini statues. if you are visiting the colosseum, buy your ticket at the palatine hill ticket office. these two are combined, but no one will tell you that. the ticket office is just uphill of the arch of titus in the forum. that is the single arch. it will cut about an hour wait at the colosseum because the long line there is for tickets, not the actual entrance. major shopping is all around the spanish steps and via dei condotti. because the dollar is so weak, you won't find any great prices but it's fun anyway. for nightlife, if you want to get crazy, go to testaccio. it's a little area of the city with lots of clubs. places there stay open all night while the rest of the city closes down at 2am. i could go on and on about rome....

    vence- i really recommend the peggy guggenheim collection if you are at all interested in modern art. it is in a beautiful area of the city which is a nice break from the tourist crowds everywhere else.

    tuscany- the outlets are about a half hour outside of florence. i haven't been there since 2005, but there were definitely some good deals. the prada outlet and the dolce and gabbana outlet are not at "the mall" where the others (gucci, fendi, YSL, ferragamo, marni, etc.) are. if you have a day and would like to go, it's really fun and accessible by train (and a short cab ride) from florence.

    florence- the best gelato is at Vestri on Borgo Albizi. my favorite dinner was at a place called La Maremma (Via Giuseppe Verdi, near Santa Croce). i only had a few days there, so i don't know much else to recommend.
  7. Your trip looks good for a first timer-overview.
    About Venice--Since your time is so limited skip Burano.
    You get a great free boat tour just riding on the 1 or 82 vaporetto.
    Venice is notorious for tourist trap-restaurants and shopping. It can also be the most magical and romantic place on earth. Most fun--getting lost! Our favorite restaurants-- and al Paradiso. Make reservations!
  8. wow..I just revisited this thread after my original posting and i have to go back and answer a few ?'s here....just give me a few minutes....WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!! And I have some more questions too!!
  9. Since this is my first time, I'm not sure about distances/times from place to place...the only real time we'll have for major exploration is in Rome at the end of the trip.
    I'd love to check out that Gucci outlet!!

    Writing down drink chocolato caldo...thank you...:heart:
  10. Thank you for recommending Capannina...I'm going to try to go there!
    I heard Capri was just amazing. I would love to do some serious shopping but the trip will is so expensive already. And I don't know if it makes sense to buy something over there - if you can buy it over here where the dollar is better?
    I always wondered about this. My neighbors told me abou Ischia...and I would love to go there one day. I hope we can go back. We leave in a few weeks!! So excited :smile:
  11. HI...
  12. How do you bargain ? In the beginning of the ride? Is it like NY with a running meter or a flat-rate price you agree upon before entering the cab?
  13. thank you!
  14. says a "scenic drive to Ravenna" to see the Basilica then onto Venice.
    I don't think they'll be a lot of time there.