Italia! All things all Italy!

  1. The weather is really strange in these days...It's hot and sunny now...and then the next day boots&scarf...just look for temperatures on some days before leaving!!!

    I'm sorry you won't come to Milan, I could be a shopping guide for you!!!
    Hope to meet some tPF members here in Milan soon (see tPF meetings: Via Montenapoleone!!!)

    Have a nice trip!!!
  2. oh wow I will have to check these out when I come back this summer! Milan is a drive but I could manage to go. Are there any americans in italy also going?
  3. It's a very very long journey! When in Ravenna, are you going to visit the whole city or the church in Classe only?
  4. :amuse:
  5. OMG many congrats to you!!! I can't wait when I go to Italy myself for the 1st time! :o)
  6. This post caught my eye because I will hopefully be going to Italy for a couple weeks in August. Only I will be going to Catania, and not the mainland except for maybe flights in and out.

    I'm so pumped about it!
  7. Thanks to everyone for posting! I'm going to Italy in April and I'm so happy to have tPF recommendations!
  8. Since you're not going to Pisa, there's a less elaborate "leaning tower of Venice" I think it's close to the Bridge of Sighs.
  9. We were in Rome and Florence last May, here are a few of our favorite places.

    Gelateria dei Neri, near the Palazzo Vecchio. We went here every day! Grom has pretty good gelato too.

    Our favorite restaurant was Trattoria 4 Leone, which is very popular with the locals. They have a pasta stuffed with pears that is delicious!

    There is a deli called Volpetti (47 Via Marmorata) which is AWESOME. They have an outstanding selection of meats and cheeses, among other things. Their semi-dried tomatoes are really addicting. Add some bread and you have a picnic! Service is great too, they kept feeding us samples. If only we could have a place this great in NYC...

    We were in Venice in 2004 - if you can make it out to Padua for dinner (it is close to Venice) and money is no object, have dinner at Le Calandre, which is a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. The food is spectacular and the service is top notch.

    Have a great time!
  10. We did a 3 week tour of Italy. I would say Rome you need 3 full days. It's awfully busym but there is a lot to see. More than that and it would have been too much for me. We stayed in Positano. From there we did day trips to Sorrento, Amalfi and Ravello (a must do). My only suggestion is get a private car from Naples (or Rome) to Positano. The other option is to take a train from Naples(circumvisuvia) Don't take it! It was the most uneasiest and scariest part of our trip. That is the only thing I would have changed. I would have relaxed with a private car. Renting a car yourself gets VERY scary on the road to Amalfi. Have fun! and PM me if you need any suggestions.
  11. Thank you LV luvr:flowers:. I hope I get to Sorrento in one piece!
    I will take a look at Ravello...I don't think I saw that on my map but I will add that to must do in Italy list!
  12. I wish I could!

    mmm, Limoncello, I remember a restaurant in Sorrento which was basically in a large garden full of Lemon trees, it was a lovely setting but from what I remember the service wasn't great so not sure if I would recommend it... Think I had Veal Milanese which for me, you can't really go wrong with.

    I've still to decide where i'm going this Summer but right about now, Italy is sounding like the place to go... I didn't see Ravello, so if it's a must, maybe I need to go back.
  13. Best gelato is in Rome! I'm not an expert. I thought they were all excellent!
  14. I can't complain about any gelato in Italy but the best I had was in Rome as well.
    I love Giolitti :drool:

    In Venice the Gelato at Cafe Lavena and Happy Pizza (I think this is a chain??) are delicious.

    Definitely go to Harry's Bar in Venice, a bellini is obviously a must but you have to try the ham and cheese sandwich they have on their bar's so good!!
  15. Does anyone know what the custom fees are to Italy?
    I am thinking about having a alligator bag made in Switzerland & then having it sent into
    Rome to my hotel when I am there in October. Yes, it wil have a Cites certificate.
    I can't get a straight answer out of DHL or Fed Ex on the shipping to the US.
    I know I'd have to pay entry on it when I come back to US.