Italia! All things all Italy!

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  1. We'd like to travel Roma and Amalfi Coast.
    How much time do you need for each for the following spaces for Roma and Amalfi.

    We've looked through bookstores but they only give one or two pages dedicated to that area (Sorrento, Capri, etc).
    We are savvy travelers but we don't want to allocate too much time in each area.

    If you have any info (beware or XX, or XX is a good place to eat) we'd love that too!

    If you have been or know someone please let me know via here or through PM.

    I am leaving in September so I have a lot of time to book.

    Thanks in advance!:flowers:
  2. Sorrento on the Amalfi coast is a great little sea-side town and a good base for starting down the coast. Take one of the local buses down the coast (it's a VERY cheap tour w/locals all around you). I recommend getting off at Positano and spending 1-2 hours walking around. It's a breathtaking town with multi-colored houses built into the cliffs. Truly breathtaking. Walk down to the sea through the town's street and look back up at the cliff - you'll never forget it. :girlsigh:
  3. Oh, forgot to mention Rome. We were there for only 2 days and it wasn't enough. I'd recommend 3-4 days in Rome itself, not including a side-trip to Pisa. :yes:
  4. I'm jealous, I stayed in Positano for a week a few years back and it was a really memorable holiday.
    Nearly all of the restaurants are along the beach, all of which are fab for pasta & pizza, best pizza I ever had was in a restaurant there that wasn't on the beach but still in the town, Al Palazzo it was called.

    Here's a link, plus it has a lot of other good info

    From Positano we did a day trip to Capri, it was a local tour with around 8 people in a smallish boat, plenty of time to wander around Capri (though not if you plan to shop!) then swimming through a cave...
    Pompeii is another worthy day trip from there.

    I also spent a few nights in Sorrento which is worth seeing but I would recommend spending more time in the smaller coastal towns.

    Rome is amazing too, i'm sure you'll find plenty of info on that...

    How long are you going for?

    The Amalfi coast is stunning, hope you enjoy, am sure you will.
  5. Hi there! For the most part, we will be in a tour taking us from city to city (see Itinerary below). The tour itself allows for some free time to walk around and some nights to pick out restaurants to eat, etc. This is major life trip - I like to call it - b/c I told DH that we should do this now and not when we're 65 (who knows what age we'll retire at!)

    I've read that a lot of tpf'ers have been to Italy! :idea:
    Can you recommend a list of must see/do's while in Italy?
    We'll be in most major cities (except Milan).
    I'm interested in hearing about where I can find the BEST gelato ;)
    Also, if anyone has jotted down the name of any good restaurants you visited, cafes, dance clubs/lounges, evening activites...and of course,
    Where is the best shopping at? Please direct me where to go...
    flea markets, specific stores, etc...pretty much anything you can recommend that made a lasting impression. I may not get the chance to go back and want to cover all my bases.

    Here is the itinerary:
    Here's a quick overview:
    Day1: Flight
    Day2: explore Rome, 6pm meet for dinner w/ tour crew
    Day 3: Rome-->Pompeii then onto Sorrento in the afternoon to stroll around and shop. Then onto a boat to the Isle of Capri.
    Day 4: sightseeing in the Am(including Villa San Michele) Afternoon and evening at lesiure to stroll around Capri.
    Day 5: Boat to Naples and drive through to Assisi to see Basilica of St. Francis. We stay here at night.
    Day 6: Drive to Ravenna to see Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe. Next we arrive in Venice....
    Day 7: Tour of Venice including St. Mark's square, Basililca, Doges' palace and the bride of Sighs. Then, enjoy Venice on our own or opt to do an excursion to the island of Burano.
    Day 8:biggrin:rive to Pisa to see leaning tower and then a short drive to the valley of the Arno River to Montecatini.
    Day 9: Tuscany - all day tour to city of Florence to see the academy of fine arts, cathedral, giotto's bell tower,etc.
    Afternoon for independent sightseeing and browsing through shops
    Day 10: drive through chianti wine area to Siena - walk through piazza del campo. We have time on our own here before continuing to Rome. We can eat dinner in the evening at one of Rome's restatuarants.
    Day11: Sightseeing in rome (vatican,sistine,st.peter's square and basilica). There is time for independent activities and option excursions
    Day 12: Rome-On our own (extended our tour!) we will meet another couple for two days from home to stay in Rome.
    Day 13: On our own w/ our friends still in Rome.
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  6. Hey there

    I fly home (to Milan!) every few years or so...
    I only ever really travel north to Treviso and Venice. If you can spend some time in Treviso (immediately outside Venice... you will have to catch a train from Treviso to get to Venice) then do!! It is beautiful there... so many boutiques and galeries in this area - in Venice too. Venice is extremely $$$ but so beautiful lucky you!!

    In Tuscany i believe there is a Gucci and Fendi outlet... let me check on that. It might be Florence... very very very cheap gucci... like Less than 50%!!

    Good gelato is everywhere - everywhere!! And drink chocolato caldo as often as possible - trust me!!
  7. What an amazing trip you will be going on! Congrats!

    I was lucky enough tobe able to visit Italy last summer. We stayed on an island called Ischia which is off of Naples (and close to Capri). Ischia is known for its thermal spas and beaches so it was absolutely beautiful. I am pretty sure you won't be getting on over there, but if you do, check out Negombo Spa. My favorite!

    Capri is just so breathtaking, it's unreal. And it has amazing shopping! LV, and Gucci and Tod's, etc. Everything is full price though so if you go other places where you can get a discount, definitely shop there first.

    When we were in Capri we ate at this cute little restaurant called La Capannina The food was so good and the staff was friendly and encouraging. You really don't find unfriendly people in Italy, period.

    Also, I don't think I stumbled upon ANY bad gelato (and we ate tons!). Jus relax and enjoy yourself and you should find everything you are looking for. Let us know how it goes!
  8. I'm also going to Italy in less than a month... will be in Rome!
  9. pack an empty duffle bag, so you have plenty of room to bring stuff home.

    i wish i could go!
  10. what an amazing itinerary! please let me know all your little great travel tips/insights since i too will be going to venice & rome but in june. first time!!
  11. Rome / Vatican city!

    I am going in September.

    What are your hotels in Roma, Firenze and Venizia, & Capri and I can help more…
    Also e mail He owns RED MAPS…
    Get one for the first 3 maybe 8 bucks each and they will give you what you need in each city we could not have done these cities without them...
    Shopping, hotels, things to see, directions, metro stops, etc etc...

    Take shoes you can destroy as Venice and Florence will; rain or no rain... do in any shoe not from REI especially in MAR with the rain and years of soot.

    When in Venice remember Harrys Bar / Cipriani requires pants below the knees or they will throw you out!!! But you must have a Bellini...
    EAT @ Al ponte Del Megio 041 719 777 it was absolutely amazing it's in a residential area not expensive and the best hand made gnocchi I've had!

    Day 3: Rome-->Pompeii then onto Sorrento in the afternoon to stroll around and shop. Then onto a boat to the Isle of Capri.
    This day seems way too packed.... Rome to Pompeii is 3 hrs easy... then to Sorrento??? Another 90 min if you are lucky with traffic... If you can get to the Hotel Grand Vittora for lunch its 4 blocks from the train it is a must...

    Are you in CAPRI or ANACAPRI? If your hotel has no pool go here It’s a must as it has been around since Jackie O and the jet set called it their summer home… Slim Arrons has books on it…

    If money is not an object book a helicopter from Sorrento for a tour of the coast see Positano and Amalfi that side of the jut, is more scenic....

    For other shopping go here
    All cities all stores all addresses!

    Most of ROME is closed SUN, MON keep that in mind...

    You can walk Venice in flats in one day, make sure to see the Guggenheim Collection.... It's a can't miss...
    Skip the islands as they charge you to leave, and you can get what they make there on the main island...
    You will get lost don't fret just enjoy it as you always find a way back it's very small like Manhattan from Houston to Battery...
    Lastly ship it all home from ROME before you fly the $$$ spent you will save in time and struggle packing and in the customs lines possibly explaining....
    We always use DHL never a problem and just say you were there for a family funeral...

    they never ask more...[/FONT]


    If you have extra days in ROME hop a flight to Milan 1 hr 10 min... you can use RYAN Air for dirt cheap usually 9 euros + tax... see the Last Supper it is so so so worth is eat @ nobu @ Armani-ville... and shop @ the first known shopping mall next to the Duomo...

    Milan is amazing and you can check for flights!

    Good luck!
  12. If you are going to venice check out the beach nearby called Lido di Jesolo. Take the road like you are going to the airport and follow the signs to Jesolo. Very pretty and great shopping! FYI This beach you can take off your top

    I have only been to the clubs in vicenza 45 min from Venice. Best ones are Palladium and Villa Bonin and Crazy Bull. Hopefully they will have opened the clubs outdoors by the time you go. In summer they move the clubs outside. They have a big tent with dj at most places. Music is usually techno or american hip hop at the ones I have been to. They stay open till usually 4 or 5 am and still serve alcohol.

    In venice you can bargain for prices in the touristy shops and for rides on the gondolas. The items are usually overpriced in venice. Remember quanto costa (How much is this). Most restaurants and cafes and ice cream shops charge a fee of 1-2 euro to sit down in the restaraunt or cafe. Tipping is not expected but some appreciate it others look at you like you are crazy. Keep your receipts when you pay for food or other items. Financial police occasionaly stop and ask when leaving a place and impose fines if you do not have it.

    Tuscany check out the outlets Gucci YSL fendi Burberry etc... and buy wine here to take home.

    Rome: We stayed at hotel smeraldo near piazza venezia to be close to alot o places but it is impossible to walk all of these places in Rome. We ended up taking cabs to and from places. They charged us 5 euro each time. You can bargain on prices for cabs. We went to Vatican Pantheon collosseum and some ruins not sure lol. When we were there the pope we could not get into sistine chapel they said it closes at 12:00. So check this before going. Also they said pope comes out early on wednesdays to speak.
  13. Can anyone tell me what the weather in Rome should be like in April? I heard high 60's but I'm hoping it'll actually be warmer...
  14. ^^^ That is about right mid to high 60s but you do get warmer 75-85 degree days sometimes
  15. We plan on staying for three dayson the Amalfi but going to Paris and Italy for four weeks. We are staying in Sorrento (Grand Excelsior),
    but we are town hopping through the days and going on the hydrofoil/ferry to Capri and Anacapri.

    Can you fit in a carryon? I'll bring you:P:yahoo:

    Thanks for the restaurant recommendation I will have to drink some Limoncello with it :yes: