It would appear that I have a stalker ....

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  1. :nuts:
  2. a cyber stalker, or a physical stalker?!:wtf:
  3. A real one hula .... everywhere I go .... :nuts: (well, almost everywhere!!)
  4. Oh & it's not orkneydaisy ... :P
  5. Is it a bag?
  6. Of sorts ..... ;)
  7. It must be a bag or a cookie dog
  8. Is this your way of telling us you've bought a(nother :P) Mitzy??? :nuts:
  9. [​IMG]
  10. :nogood:

    Saw the blueberry today & eww sorry .. but I really dont like the leather!!

    The pic above .. that thing just pops up now & then. It is like it is following me ...!!! :nuts:
  11. :nogood:
  12. oooh a reveal! i guess a pouch
  13. :woohoo: can't wait to see!
  14. :nogood: :P
  15. More accessories to add to your mulberry museum?